You clung tightly to a tub of ice cream in one hand, a spoon in the other. You continued to shovel ice cream in your mouth as your heart ached. On the television was a chick flick, of course, and the current scene was full of unwanted emotion.

Your bottom lip quivered as the scene got even more dramatic. Your ice cream eating slowed down, mouth agape as you were taken into the scene. Tears stained your cheek as the scene climax.

"Hey, babe. You seen my iPad? I swore I- Babe?" Sal stood in the hallway to the living room, looking at you intently. "Babe, are you-"

"Shh! God dammit, Sal." Your voice cracked as you shook your head. "They were meant to be together!"

"Are you watching-"

"Yes, you know it's my go-to romance." You whispered.

Sal quickly neared the couch and sat beside you, grabbed the remote and paused the movie, "I should be your go-to romance." He teased and you merely pushed at him as he began to hug him.

"Screw you." You laughed, holding him tightly.

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