You blew your nose for what seemed the thousandth time, staring at the closed tissue as if it had offended your ancestors. You tossed it in the nearest bin and laid your head back.

You sat in the arm chair, wrapped in a thick blanket. On your forehead was a warm wet rag which you occasionally used to soothe your irritated noise and watery eyes. You honestly felt like shit and didn't feel like doing a lick of anything that day. You hadn't planned anything, anyways, so there wasn't anything you were missing, fortunately.

So at this thought, you let your eyes close, the allergy medication causing your drift into a soft drowsy state. Well, until there was a sudden knock at the door.

Your eyes shot open - well, as much as they could - and you glared at the door. Who could the hell could it be? Like you said, you hadn't planned anything and you hadn't expect company, so who-?

There was another set of knocks and you stared at the door for a little bit longer. Finally, with a long sigh you flung the covers off and took grabbed the slowly cooling rag from your forehead and headed towards the door.

"It better be a guy some chicken soup or so help me-" When you opened it, you felt a heat rush to your cheeks. There standing at the door stood Sal, flowers in hand and a beaming smile, well, that is until he saw how terrible you looked.



"You okay? You look somewhat pal."

You sniffed loudly, looking from the flowers to Sal's face, "Well, I'm sick. Why didn't you tell me you were coming?" You instantly changed the subject towards him.

"Eh, I wanted to surprise you."

"And you did, quite well." You paused, "You wanna come in?

Sal looked rather uneasy at the fact you were sick, but he didn't seem to want to leave - just yet. "Sure," he replied, handing you the flowers. You took them with a soft thank you and went back into your apartment.

"Did you eat anything?" Sal asked, still standing as you took a seat back on the chair and wrapped yourself up.

"Nah." You said, sounding more nasally than you realized. "I was about to but-"

"I'll make you some chicken soup then."

You gave him a look, "Are you a sort of germaphobe though?"

"Gotta face the fears for the ones you love." He shot you a longing smile. His words caught you by surprise as your heart skipped a beat.

"I love you so god damn much, Sal." You sighed dreamily as you watched him as he winked and went into the kitchen.

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