Around your neck was a camera strap and in your hands were the camera. You smiled, your right arm linked with Q. You two were on a vacation. Y'now, a get away from all the stress. And where more than the zoo?

You were now getting into a little section of (your favorite zoo animal). You began to smile, taking pictures of the animal.

"Get over there." You pointed near the edge of the cage of the animal.

"Really?" Q asked, rolling his eyes.

"C'mon." He rolled his eyes at you, chuckling. He did as he was told and you put the up to you face.

He began possing with a stereotypical peace sign and duck lips. You took the camera away, slumping.


He stayed possing, "Really."

You laughed, snapping pictures. He walked back over, wrapping an arm around your shoulder. You showed him the pictures, "Beautiful."

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