You dropped the book in hand, a loud slam following. You turned quickly, about to object silently but your lips were met with a warmer pair. You hum softly in surprise, grumbling.

Pulling away, Q spoke up, "Honk."

"Hush." You whispered and chuckled softly. Looking around the aisle of books, you bend down and pick up the book and push it against Q's chest.

"Got my book, " Q held the book you handed him, "You getting anything?"

Q chuckled, showing a couple of comic books you hadn't noticed previously. You nodded, taking his free hand in yours and gestured your head. "Onwards then!" You said in a soft voice.

"Right, madam!" He said a little louder. You shushed him, bumping his shoulder as you two walked off to check out the books.

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