You were simply excited. No, wait, you were ecstatic! 

Here you were, in line to meet the most amazing guys ever! You had watched them earlier, live, nearly choking on your own laughter. As funny as they were on the telly, you weren't surprised to find out they were funnier in person!

All this was to be thanked by your parents, having given you this chance as an early Christmas gift. (It was early merely due to the date of the tour, though you weren't complaining. Because here you were, shaking from nerves.) You had told your parents you want to stand in line alone, wanting full attention from the four men. You had so many questions, so many things to say.

You wanted them to follow you on your Instagram, for sure. You could keep in touch! And you needed a signature... And a selfie, of course! You needed to show all your friends from school. You could finally say, "Hey, it's me and bae!", pointing out your favorite joker and you in a pose. Though you knew, your friends were just gonna roll their eyes.

Your thoughts were cut off as you noticed the line getting shorter and shorter in front of you.

Oh god. Your mind was slowly erasing those thoughts of Instagram, selfies.. You were shaking more as you were one person away from the jokers.

And then,

"Hello, nice to meet you!" Murr said in a cheerful voice.

"..Hi-" Your heart was pounding! You handed him the flier you had bought for the occasion, finding a loss of words. He began to sign the flier.

"And what's your name, gorgeous?"

You blushed furiously. Murr just called me Gorgeous!

"(Y/n)" You managed, smiling weakly. He finished signing it, passing it to Joe "Could I also have a selfie?"

"Why of course! Selfie's my middle name"  He chuckled and then posed to take a selfie with you. You then thanked him, moving to Joe.

"Why hello, beautiful!" Joe said and you assumed he overheard you say your name earlier as he already started writing from him to you.

Beautiful?! You flushed red.

"Can I-?"

"Duck face or no duck face?"

You chuckled, saying duck face and took the perfectly silly photo with Joe.

Now it was passed to Sal. He didn't say anything, only signing a little something. You frowned, finding it somewhat rude, though you didn't say anything.

"Left a little message for you, (Y/n)." And he smiled a very handsome smile, giving you a wink that sent shivers down your spine. Okay, maybe not too rude.. You reminded yourself to read Sal's signature especially. You then posed for a selfie with him, putting out a peace sign for extra measure. Sal did the same - and maybe a silly face.

Lastly, Sal passed the flier down to Q, who smiled up at you.

"Hello, pretty lady!" Q chirped flirtatiously, although you could tell it was purely out of fun. You couldn't help but chuckle.

"Im guessing you already know my name?" You asked.


You nodded as he signed, also seeming to put a little note.

"Do you already the first two season?" He asked.

You told him if you did or you didn't, him nodding, "Well, I hope you can try and get season 3! It's got the good stuff." He chuckled.

"I will!" You reassured as you then took your selfie with Q, "And I hope you had a good evening." He smirked, something behind it as you flushed darkly.

You walked away, heart nearly pounding from chest! You quickly walked to the side, away from the crowd, but in good enough light to be able to read the notes.

Murr's read, "From James Murray to (Y/n) <3 :)"

Joe's read, "Scoopski Potatoes! Haha X) From Joe Gatto to the lovely lady, (Y/n)!<3"

You laughed at theirs, quickly looking to Sal's, "From Sal Vulcano to (Y/n)"

Your heart leaped to your throat. 

WAS THAT HIS DIGITS? You smiled widely as you realized Q had done the same.

"Such a lovely message, guys" You said aloud to yourself and rolled your eyes, but felt amazing.

"(Y/n)?" You heard your parents calling.

"..Coming!" You said, pausing to glance at the flier once more, then ran off to your parents.

This day was amazing...

. . .

A/N: This is such a late update, mostly due to writer's block, but i hope you guys enjoy it! It's kinda shitty, but bear with me! For it was written in less than an hour, lmao.

ALSO, on another note, how would you guys like if I started a small contest? I thought that maybe I could do a contest for you guys to send me your design for a cover for 'Impractical Imagines'? The reward would be the drawing shown above as a pin! I know it isn't great, but please tell me if you would be interested! There will be two winners (i have two pins..), of course first place and second. First will have their design as the cover and a pin, the second rewarded with the pin and their imagine written next!


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