"Pick a hand." Q said, hands behind his back.

You rose a brow, "Why?"

"Just do it." He smiled wide.

"Why should I trust you?" You smirked and crossed your arms.

His previous smile fell, "Just pick a hand, okay? I promise it's nothing bad."

You gave in and nodded, "Alright, Mm," You told him which hand you chose and he pulled that hand from behind his back. He glanced down at his hand, brought it up to his face and peaked into his fist.


You knitted your brows in confusion, "What?"

"Nice choice, (Name)." He looked up at you.

"Well, what is it?" You neared him and craned your neck to see what it was. He gestured for you to near even more. You neared him even more as he brought his fisted hand between the both of you. As you were finally close enough to cross your eyes at his fist, he opened his hand. Upon seeing nothing, you frowned.


Q interrupted you with a sweet peck on the lips. After pulling away a second later, he smiled, "You picked the hand with the kiss."

You began to giggle, "Really?" You playfully hit his shoulder. "And what does the other hand hold?"

He brought his other fisted hand and held it out, "Oh, y'know-"

"Another kiss?"

Q's brows rose in mock astonishment, "How'd you guess?"

"Oh, y'know. A hunch." You laughed and pecked his lips sweetly.

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