i kinda regret writing this XD i think this is just some derpy fluff, shh

"How do I look?" You asked, walking out of the dressing room and in front of the three way mirror. Behind your, sitting on a small bench was Joe. In his hands were at least twelve outfits, not including shoes all around him.

Yes, those outfits around him were for you to try on. And probably only a quarter will fit you and half of that you'll actually enjoy.

"Beautiful as always, dear. Now are we done?"

You looked at him through the mirror, giving him a look that he'd understand - that those outfits were waiting for you. He grumbled, rolling his neck.

"Hey you guys, awesome thing just happened. You gotta check it out by the next door store."

Joe glanced up at Sal's voice, looking towards you with pleading eyes. You were scrolling on your phones, probably just finished posting a selfie. You finally glanced up, meeting his pleaful eyes.

You rolled yours, nodding, "I'll call you when I need you thou-" Before you could finish your sentence, Joe was gone.


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