I recommend reading The Calling + the endings before this, or else this won't make sense. The last two parts (21 & 23) are The Calling (Main) & The Calling (True Endings).

Maybe this wasn't a good idea. Maybe you made the wrong choice. Maybe Q wasn't the right one. You could always call up one of the other guys, but... That just seemed wrong.

You thought all this while sitting beside Q on the park bench, chewing your bottom lip. You flipped through your phone awkwardly, frowning.

"So..." Q began, trying to give you a smile, but that just made you feel even worse.

"Have you started the book yet?"

"...No." You said, not sure what else to say. You didn't lie; you hadn't. And you probably were never going to at this rate.

"Oh." Was all Q said. There was another awkward silence and you sighed.

"I'm sorry." You both said in unison and you flushed. Q looked bashful.

"This was probably a mistake. A random guy from the library walking up to you and handing you a number. But I have a reason."


"I-" He bit his lip, deciding on not saying what he wanted to. He looked away, slapping the palms of his hands on his pant legs.

"I guess I'll go. Text me if you want." And with that, the man left.

But you didn't text back. And neither did he.

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