Murr sighed as he closed the fridge door, rubbing the back of his neck. He felt his stomach rumble and heard a low, growl.

"Ugh, there's got to be something to eat."

He opened the cabinets, checked the freezer twice, and even checked the fridge one last time.


He laid his head against the front of the fridge, groaning. He should have went shopping sooner, but he was ignorant at the fact his food supply was running low.

He stood there for a moment longer, trying to think of things that were in the kitchen that he could put together for a decent meal. And all he could come up with were combinations that were anything but delicious. He frowned deeply.

A moment later, he heard the slam of a car door outside his apartment. He lifted his head from the fridge and glanced to the door. The door then opened with the whine of the hinges.

You walked in with a handful of bags and a drink tray with two drinks.

Murr rose a curious brow as you made your way to the kitchen, as if it were your own apartment. You laid the White Castle to-go bags down on the table and glanced to Murr.

"If you're curious, I was out and knew I was gonna pass your place on the way home so--" You were stopped - mid-sentence - as Murr hugged you tightly, placing a kiss on your cheek.

"You're an angel!" He chuckled, walking to to the kitchen table.

You rose a brow, "Huh?"

But all Murr did was dig in the bag, pulled out a burger and began to eat, followed by a moan.

You laughed, shaking your head.

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