Chapter 36

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~Zayn’s P.O.V~

  Office meetings are probably the most boring part of my job but they are the most important parts as well. This is when we come up with ideas and make decisions.

  Sitting next to Louis on the couch we decided to roll in sweats today since it was too early to even see straight. Especially after yesterday’s party.

  God, did I miss partying.

  Louis and Danny surprised me yesterday when they came to my house saying how much they missed hanging out together and that we should roll to this really sick party. I tried to refuse feeling bad about the whole thing for some reason, but they said I never hangout with them anymore. I really did miss them so I decided I would go but I would only dance. Nothing more.

  “Still hang over from yesterday’s party? I heard it was sick.” Niall chuckled after looking at mine and Louis’s appearances.

  Okay, maybe I did more than just dancing. But I couldn’t resist.

  Gush, I’m so weak sometimes. I feel horrible for just going and hitting the bar like I did.

  “Yeah mate, it was. You should have come.” Louis chuckled gulping down a glass of water that was in front of him.

  “I had my own fun yesterday. Same fun I assume Mr. I-Can’t-Leave-A-Party-Empty-Handed over there had.” He wiggled his eyebrows at me making me laugh.

  “Nah, Malik lost his game. He even went home at midnight.” Louis scoffed.

  “What? No way. What happened man? Are you not feeling well or something?” Niall extended the back of his hand to feel my forehead.

  “I’m feeling just fine, thank you.” I pulled the fakest smile pushing his hand off my face.

  “You didn’t go all the way. You didn’t bother wing man me or Danny. You didn’t even go hard on the bar. Either something is wrong or you are becoming a wimp.” Louis said worriedly.

  “Nothing is wrong. I’m just sick of partying hard. Is that so bad?” I shrugged.

  “What? Since when are you he one to pull away from parties?” Niall asked confused.

  “Since now.” I tried to stand my ground but I was feeling cornered by the lads.

  “Something is going on and you better fess it up Malik.” Louis crossed his arms over his chest and raised one eyebrow at me.

  “Nothing is up! I wasn’t feeling like partying but I thought when I go I would loosen up but I didn’t. I got bored so I just left.” I got my phone out as if checking my messages to avoid their looks.

  “I know what’s wrong. You have been spending too much time on your own, that’s what’s wrong.” Louis said.

  “I am not.” I scoffed.

  “Yeah, you are. You’re getting too comfortable being away from people like you used to when we first met and that’s not good.” Niall seemed like he was genuinely concerned which was ridiculous cause I was perfectly fine. Just because I didn’t enjoy one party doesn’t mean I’m going into depression.

  “Honestly mate, you’ve changed these last few months. You don’t call any of us anymore. You rarely even get out of the house unless we drag you, and even then you don’t even try to enjoy yourself.”

  Louis’s words seemed to be hitting home. Not the last part but he does have a point, I haven’t even tried to contact any of the boys lately. Come to think about it, I have been avoiding them whenever I can. Which wasn’t like me.

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