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Chapter 69

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~Yasmin P.O.V~

  Having the twins with us all the time is better sweet. I love them, don't get me wrong but I swear they never stop crying. Especially at night.

  Sleep was not an option for any of us these past few days but we are starting to get the hang of things. We are having shifts now on who is going to take care of the babies. It was mainly us girls as the men were clueless but they did help every now and then.

  It was my turn to look after Fahd and Faris while Iman was cooking as Auntie Lea was trying to sleep. She had a rough night yesterday. They just didn't stop crying for a second.

  I had finally put them to sleep after they had their pumped milk and as quietly as I could left them in the room taking the baby's monitor with me.

  Walking down stairs, I went to help Iman in the kitchen. She seemed a bit too tired these days and I don't think it was just because of the babies.

  "Hey, need any help?" I smiled and stood next to her.

  "I'm just making Biryani. It's fast and easy. You could make the salad." She murmured absentmindedly.

  I did as she asked but I felt too awkward with her being the way she was. It wasn't like Iman to be like that. She didn't bother act alive. Something was wrong, she wasn't just tired.

  "Iman, are you okay?" I asked with concern.

  She didn't even pause what she was doing for a second as she murmured, "I'm fine."

  "No, you are not. I know you are not Iman. We are all worried about you. What's going on?" I asked concerned.

  "Nothing. I'm just tired. Work is just a bit stressing." She said but I wasn't convinced. I knew better than to believe that.

  "Work has always been stressful, Iman. I know something is bothering you. Did you and Mazen had another fight?" I asked concerned. She acts like she had just been out of a relationship.

  "No. He called me and apologized two days ago." She shrugged like she didn't even care.

  "Okay, so why aren't you happy? Do you still have those doubts in your head?"

  "I don't know, Yasmin." She sighed deeply looking at me for the first time, "I should be happy right? I mean Mazen literally called me for three hours. He told me how much of a jerk move that was and how much he regrets it. He was just scared and frustrated lately because he heard the place where his Uncle's had been was bombed and they didn't hear any news from him lately."

  "Oh god. In Sha' Allah, nothing happened to him."

  "Yeah he is okay, Alhamdulillah. He called them just before Mazen apologized." She sighed heavily.

  "Alhamdulillah." I smiled at her.

  "I told him I forgave him and that I was at the wrong as well for being cold and distant." She murmured.

  "Good. So you two made up." I smiled reassuringly to her.

  "I guess," She shrugged, "The thing is. I still feel horrible. I feel like I'm deceiving Mazen and myself."

  "You still think about Zayn?" I knew this was going to happen. Whenever she was alone she would go on her laptop and google Zayn news thinking no one will see her but I caught her more than once.

  "I mean he just disappeared. He didn't even try to contact me once. Not an email or a 'KIK' message. Nothing." She was frustrated and sad. This was most engaged she had been in the conversation, when she talked about Zayn. Was she falling for him?

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