Chapter 44

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~Iman’s P.O.V~

  Soon after I arrived to the shop, Mira’s shift ended and she left leaving me and Mazen alone. The second he was sure Mira was gone, he turned around sat on the chair opposite to me and raised his eyebrows at me in anticipation.

  Creasing my eyebrows at him, I wanted to ask him what he was thinking of but decided to let it go fast as it was rude. Especially to my boss. I have to keep remembering that he was my boss.

  “What wrong, Iman?” He said with the same look on his face.

  “It’s nothing.” I pulled a polite smile trying my best to be nice yet formal. That look Mira gave me made me feel horrible.

  “I know something is wrong. You never come this early just to read. I know you take your time preparing dinner for your brothers before coming to work.” He said those words like it was a fact which they were but I never told him that before. How did he know?

  “How did you know that?” I asked curiously.

  “Ayman told me.” He shrugged it off.

  “Oh.” I didn’t noticed when Ayman mentioned that to him over dinner but maybe he did when I was in the kitchen or something.

  “You still haven’t told me what’s bothering you? I really don’t like seeing you sad.” He frowned a little making something inside of me move. Like my heart skipped a beat but I caught myself before I lost control.

  He was just worried about me as a colleague why did I feel what I felt? Again, I’m being inappropriate and I need to stop. I was never like that before.

  “It’s really nothing. Just one of those bad mood days. Don’t worry.” I tried to be as polite and professional as possible.

 “I know just what would cheer you up.” He said excitedly jumping from the chair just as Holly entered looking at us confused.

  “Hey.” She smiled tiredly at us still confused at Mazen went to the back.

  “Hey. How are you?” I smiled at her.

  “Good, you?” She replied putting her purse on the table and drinking her coffee.

  Not a second later Mazen came out of the back room with a piece of paper in his hand, “Here.”

  “What is it?” I asked confused still noticing Holly’s interest in what we were doing making me uncomfortable.

  “Just read it.” He smiled widely as his stare was fixed on me in anticipation.

  I looked down at the paper, it was a flyer of an event. A Back off to be more specified. The flyer looked nice and the event was for a good cause too, to provide money for Syrian kids.

  “I know you like baking and it’s going to be a fun event as a whole, plus it’s for a good cause.” He smiled warming my heart.

  “It does look fun.” I smiled shyly looking at Holly from the corner of my eyes noticing her smirk at us which made me feel horrible.

  “I hope you can come.” He said still smiling as he traced my gaze at Holly.

  Giving Mazen a quick look, I mumbled, “In Sha’ Allah” Then averted my gaze and went behind the cashier hating whatever is going inside of Holly’s mind this moment.


~Yasmin’s P.O.V~

   “Your brother is driving me crazy, Yasmina. He’s hooked up on this girl. She is a total waste of his time.” My mother ranted through my computer screen.

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