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  The sun was shining shinning down on the back yard, sending it's warmth throughout the beautiful wide space filled with roses decorated elegantly around the guests' tables. The simple off-white tents providing shade for everyone as they enjoyed some small chat about the event happening right that moment.

  Just as chit-chat was filling the beautiful scenery, a loud sound of a mesmerizing Arabic song came into ear shot grabbing our attention. Everyone watched the top of the stairs where the bride was going to come down as all her brides maids stood on each step holding flowers and smiling.

  The groom stood at the bottom of the staircase, looking up anticipating the bride eagerly. He looked sharp in his dark blue suit but that wasn't why he looked so charming. It was that look on his eyes when he first saw the bride on the top of the stair case.

  She looked ever so beautiful in her wedding dress. It was a simple one with no much work done to it but for the lace layer covering the white fabric on her upper half. She didn't bother with too much make-up, keeping it simple and clean. She looked beautiful in a modest way and everyone admitted it.

  The second she appeared on that staircase all the girls and children took out there phones to capture this magical moment of the bride being given to her husband. That smile on her face was better than the best make-up brand.

  She walked down slowly as the music played in the back ground the women made an in sync noises with their mouths. It showed their happiness and celebration of the bride.

  Her hand around her father for support as he helped her go down until the both stood face to face in front of the groom. Everyone had a wide smile on their faces as the bride's father talked to the groom for a few seconds then gave him the bride's hand.

  The groom held her hand and they started walking slowing through the yard and the dance floor till they reached their seats as they were followed by many of the guests as they cheered, sang along to the Arabic song and danced a little of belly dancing in celebration of the wedding.

  "They look beautiful, don't they?" Auntie Lea smiled taking a picture of the bride and groom.

  "Yeah, Yasmin looks so beautiful. She can't stop smiling, Ma Sha' Allah." I smiled holding Faris in my hand as he tried to wiggle out thinking he was old enough to play with the kids in the garden.

  Ayman proposed officially to Yasmin last summer when both her parents came to visit. Since then we had been working nonstop to make the wedding happen. And Alhamdulillah it's a success.

  "I swear Ayman is trying not to cry. Look at his eyes." She admired and I just nodded. My brother was happy and I could see it in his eyes. The way he looked at Yasmin every two seconds even though all the guests were talking to them and trying to snap a picture of the happy couple.

  "Took so many pictures of them. Look how cute they look." Holly said finally coming from the crowd. The pictures were prime and they put a smile on my face.

  Holly and Youssef were on a good term for a while. They had been great friends and we became close to Holly's family. Her father and Uncle Adam were practically best buddies now and we all knew in a matter of years Holly would be officially a Salah but we treated her like family already.

  "They look adorable." I smiled.

  "Ma Sha' Allah." She winked at me and I giggled at how adorable she had been. She was taking some lessons in the mosque as well. I don't think she was converting anytime soon but after a few months of being our friend she decided she wanted to learn more about our religion so Uncle Adam told her the best way was learning from a Sheikh. It was purely for an education purposes so far but who knows maybe one day Allah will guide her to Islam.

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