Chapter 46

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~Yasmin’s P.O.V~

  “Well, that’s it. I’m definitely failing those presentation. I’ll get too nervous and puck all over the professors.” I sighed horridly imagining the professors faces when I puck.

  The study session was going good. I was sitting with Ed, Mary and Kathy revising our presentations that we were supposed to make after the weekend for the presentation skills class but we ended up laughing off and goofing around like we always do.

  “If you do, can someone please record it? I want to watch Professor’s Edwards face. Mate, he will freak I tell you.” Ed laughed to himself making the girls laugh with him but I just frowned.

  “Oi mate, remember when Mary sneezed in his lecture and he kicked her out for not being clean and having germs.” Kathy laughed so hard. Her laugh was contagious making me break my frown and join the fun.

  “The man is legit germ phobic and it’s so freaking funny. We need to pull a hilarious prank on him.” Ed smirked in a mischievous way.

  “Yes, lets!” Kathy jumped in excitement making me chuckle at how ridiculous they both were being.

  “Oh c’mon, you both need to grow up. The poor guy doesn’t deserve this.” I tried to sympathy with the professor even though I hate him but still I never want to scare him with whatever they are planning to do.

  “Poo. You are being a baby. It’s going to be funny.” Mary said.

  “No it’s not. It’s going to be mean.” I raised an eyebrow at her.

  “God, you are making me feel horrible. You are right.” Kathy frowned probably feeling bad.

  “Fine we won’t do anything. But just so you know you guys are no fun.” Ed rolled his eyes snorting.

  “Ugh, you guys are so lame.” Mary got up and got her bag, “I’m going home to get ready for my party. Ed, are you coming?”

  “Nah, I’m staying for a bit.” He looked at us and smiled which I thought was weird.

  “Fine, but don’t get lame. I need you to be your awesome self-tonight.” She said as she walked outside of the study room not even waiting for his reply.

  “She’s cray-cray that girl.” Kathy chuckled.

  “Yeah,” I sighed looking at the clock as my eyes widened, “I need to get home guys.” I quickly gathered my things as I noticed it was almost time for Ayman to get home and I wanted to make him dinner tonight.

  “Oh are you late for your curfew?” Ed teased me raising an eyebrow at me.

  “Don’t be a jerk Ed,” Kathy gave him a look then helped me get my things in my bag, “C’mon. I’ll walk with you.”

  “I didn’t mean to, I was just teasing her. Are you mad Jaz? Please don’t’ be mad.” Ed asked in a baby’s voice, giving me a funny puppy face.

  “No, It’s fine. I’m just late.” I chuckled at his childish way.

  “She’s not mad. Hater, you can’t come between me and ma Jaz baz.” he stuck out his tongue at Kathy childishly.

  “Meh? Nah mate. I’m fine with you and your ‘Jaz baz’.” She chuckled sarcastically, rolling her eyes.

  “Whatever mate.” He sassily raised his hand in front of her face making her raise an eyebrow at him.

  “Not to break your fun, but I’m gonna go. See you guys after weekend.” I interrupted them knowing they would go on for hours if I waited for them.

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