Chapter 10

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~Iman’s P.O.V~

It was finally Saturday; my favorite day of the week but today was an exception. The house had been overcome by an awkward silence for the past two days. Ayman decided to punish Youssef by isolating him and ignoring him until he went to have a talk with the Imam in our Mosque about this tattoo thing leaving me to deal with an angry Youssef.

Walking through our front door after getting the dinner ingredients from the market, I noticed how quiet it was. It seemed like no one was home. But I remembered that Youssef wasn’t allowed out of his room so I figured that’s where he was but Ayman was nowhere to be seen.

I walked up the stairs and knocked lightly on Youssef’s door and then entered the room to find him sleeping. He looked like a cute baby and I couldn’t help myself as I slowly walked to him and gave his forehead a small kiss.

For a second, I forgot everything just by looking at him. He looked so peaceful laying there and I felt so good just looking at him. I remembered when he was younger he would let me tell him a bedtime story and when he would finally fall asleep, I would just lie next to him and look at him reading some parts of the Qur’an while playing with his hair.

 But then he turned in his sleep showing the awful black ink on his arm, making me cringe. He seemed to stand his ground and not realize what he did wrong when I ever  tried to talk to him. It made me so frustrated to the point where I just wanted to give up but my heart wouldn’t let me do such a thing.   

Sighing, I walked out of the room and closed the door behind me then went to change into some comfortable clothes and make dinner before Ayman would come. I wasn’t looking forward to today’s dinner at all.

Ayman was too quiet all the time and he hadn’t even tried to talk to Youssef again but I knew he was mad about the whole situation. And although his reaction was delayed, there was no way he would just let it slide. He went out today to go talk to the Imam.

After I finished dinner, I sat on the couch and decided to call Uncle Adam to ask him about what happened between him and Youssef the other day. I forgot to ask and he hadn’t told me either. Also, I wanted to ask if Ayman had said anything to him about how he felt or what he had in mind. Ayman was always too quiet which worried me. He never liked to show any kind of feelings, thinking it was a sign of weakness.

“Hey, baby girl,” Uncle Adam answered on the second ring.

“Hey, how are you uncle?” His voice relaxed me. I loved how everything about that man just made me happy.

“I’m good baby. How are you?”

“Alhamdulillah. Are you busy? I wanted to talk to you about Youssef if you don’t mind.” I didn’t want him to delay his work for something that could wait. It was bad enough that he had to change jobs for us.

“No, I have some time and I bet someone wants the details about mine and Jo’s conversation.” His voice was teasing a bit like always.

“You know me too well Uncle. Did you go through to him?” I was hoping with all my heart he would say yes.

“Not quite, he’s very angry with Ayman and a little with you. But at the same time he’s scared of what Ayman have planned for him. Youssef is an outgoing person and locking him in his room all day like that is suffocating him and making him have negative thoughts.” His explanation worried me even more.

“What can I do to stop those thoughts? I tried talking to him but that didn’t end up so well.” I sighed sadly remembering the last time I talked to Youssef. He literally kicked me out of his room for the first time in my life. He never was that rude with me before.

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