chapter 59

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~Iman's P.O.V~

  Ayman's and mine relationship was already on rocks because of the whole Youssef thing. Ayman held me responsible for anything Youssef does. He was very upset that he couldn't have it his way in that situation and I was able to convince Uncle Adam to be on mine and Youssef's side against him, so I can't even imagine going into another war with him so soon on something he was reluctant about to begin with.

  I haven't even thought of Mazen's reaction yet. He was both my fiancé and my boss, which meant I needed to take his permission as my future husband and I needed to give him a reason for quitting as my boss, both of which I had no idea how he would take.

  The few times I actually opened the subject of me having a proper job with him he always talked so lightly about it saying a woman doesn't need to do any kind of stressful job and what was wrong with a part time job that took away your free time but didn't put any kind of pressures on you. When I argue a little too much he would always change the subject.

  The two men who I needed permission from were more than traditional in the way they look at a woman's career or work. A woman's place is her house with her husband and responsibility.

  In the stress state my mind was in right now, I hadn't noticed my phone peeping with a notification message from that 'KIK' app for about ten minutes.

  Sighing, I allowed my mind some rest as I had a mild headache from all of that thinking and picked up my phone reading Zayn's message;

  Z: Heard you were more than amazing in the interview and earned an exclusive internship. Congrats :D

  Zayn was too sweet. He was supportive and always encouraging which made it even harder facing all those challenges from the people around me.

  I: Thank you for guiding me to 'Khayan'. The offer is beyond my expectation, hopefully I would be able to accept it.

 Sighing, I kind of knew what his next message would be. I didn't even know why I threw shades on the subject like that. Maybe because I just felt comfortable talking to Zayn. He was much like Yasmin in the sense of being open minded and always so positive about everything. He didn't have a strict and old fashioned mindset which I admired about him.

  Z: Why wouldn't you accept it? Didn't you tell me 'Khayan' was one of your dream jobs?

  Z: If you think the offer was a favor to me, you are wrong. I can't even tell Khany what to do. You earned it all by yourself, promise.

  Z: I know you would do great there. You have to take it.

  The messages came one after the other without even leaving any time for me to reply. It was cute how he was concerned about my career as if it was his own.

  I: It's my family. They aren't so on board with the idea of me working a full time job.

 Z: Why though? You are so passionate about what you do. When I saw you in the bookclub discussion you were really glowing. Your dedication and hard work in college isn't just for a small book store I assume.

  Z: I know you are like the woman of the house from what Youssef tells me but I also know you could balance both jobs perfectly.

  A boost of confidence rushed through my body making me even more excited about the internship. I already knew I was cable of balancing my personal duties with my brothers and eventually my duties as a wife someday with my work but Zayn's encouraging words just made a little difference in my self-confidence.

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