Chapter 28

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~Iman’s P.O.V~

            The Campus was quite big. We ended up spending about four hours there just walking around and knowing where is where so Yasmin wouldn’t be taken aback when she starts next Monday.

            The registration itself didn’t take long as most of the papers where already done back in Egypt. They only inquired about what courses she wanted to take and if she wanted to stay in the student dorms.

            “I certainly feel old. My knees are killing me from all that walking.” Auntie Sana said the minute she stepped foot in the house but it didn’t feel guilty about making her walk anymore.

            She always complained about how she was too old to walk or sit in the car for too long but seemed to always want to go out. There was no satisfying her.

            “Just go take a long relaxing bath while I start dinner.” I suggested as I took my hijab off and placed it neatly on the hanger.

            “That seems like a lovely idea. I’m definitely in need of that bath.” She groaned and walked up stairs to take that path I suppose.

            After I got changed into some sweets and a jumper, I quickly started to make Ayman’s favorite dish, Shawarma rice. Maybe that would get him to agree easily on letting us go to the discussion tomorrow.

            “Want any help?” Yasmin asked stepping inside our open kitchen.

            “I got it, thanks.” I smiled cutting the chicken into really small pieces.

            “What are you going to make?” She asked standing next to me.

            “Shawarma rice. It’s like a chicken pieces cut small-“ She cut me midway.

            “I know what Shawarma is, Iman. So you are making it like a fata?” She asked and I looked at her in confusion as I didn’t understand the last word.


            “Yeah, like with rice, toasted bread pieces, yogurt salad like a sauce?” she asked.

            “Yeah, I guess.” I wasn’t so sure we were describing the same thing but it was close enough.

            “Cool. Can I make desert? I make excellent chocolate cake. You guys like chocolate cake right?” She asked getting the mixing plate before I answered.

            “I can make desert, you don’t have too.” I tried to be a good host.

            “I want to make it for Ayman. I noticed he always took two pieces when the dessert was chocolate cake. We need to get him in a good mood.” She said the last part when I raised my eyebrow at her.

            “I was just thinking the same thing. That’s why I making his favorite dish.” I decided to let her make the dessert since it would save us time.

            “That’s his favorite dish? I can learn it from you then.” She smiled as she got the stuff needed for the cake from the cabinet.

            Cooking with Yasmin turned out to be very fun. For the most part we would chat about cooking for the boys and how it always is important to have delicious food for the house to be in a good mood.

            It was more of a myth but I believed in it way too hard. If I was too tired or lazy to make decent meals the whole house would be moody and just off. Even the boys would act weird or just end the day early.

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