Chapter 55

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~Zayn’s P.O.V~

  Italy is really beautiful man, too bad I get to only see it from my hotel room.

  It really sucks not being able to just go out and enjoy the beautiful countries we go to. Like this amazing ocean in front of me. It’s just teasing me with its waves crashing down on the beautiful golden sandy beach. Look at all of those people just enjoying the breeze, lying on their mattresses not having a care on the world of anyone who might snap a picture or disturb their peaceful sun path. 

  Feeling my phone vibrate in my pocket, I sighed answering without really looking at the caller ID being too mesmerized by the scene in front of me. Subhan Allah, the ocean is just magnificent. I really wish I was lying on the sand like those people, clearing my mind and just enjoying myself.

  “Hello?” I mumbled still looking at the ocean.

  “Hello Zayn.” I heard Penelope’s voice on the other end of the line.

  “Hey Penelope, how are you?” I smiled with no reason really. Normally I’m a bit formal with Penelope, just getting the job done. But this week I have been happier. Maybe it’s the fact that I started talking to Iman on a regular bases. I just feel more at peace. I smile more, I talk more, hell I even talk to fans and communicate online more.

  “I’m good, yourself?” Her voice soften just a tad bit more but she was still careful with me. I wouldn’t blame her though after our first encounter and all.

  “I’m good. Any news?”

  “Actually, yes. I have some time off, so your team have booked me a few days in Italy, same hotel and all. I’m on the plane right now. They wanted to surprise you so you can’t object on anything but I thought you deserved to know beforehand.”  She was really considerate making me feel guiltier for what I said to her before. She’s just doing her job.

  “Thank you, Penelope.” I smiled not that she could see me.

  “Your welcome.”

  “I’m sorry you had to waste your days off with me stuck in a hotel room or watching me preform on stage.” I said feeling bad for her, not only did they force her to come but she would waste her only time off from work with me, and she despised me.

  “It’s okay. I get to go to Italy for free.” She chuckles making me feel a bit better. She is such a good sport about this whole thing.

  “I guess that’s a plus then.” I chuckle, “Do you want me to pick you up from the airport?”

  “No they got it covered. Thanks though.”

  The phone vibrated lightly in my ear, taking it off I noticed I had a second call from Jo which was odd. We always texted but he never called. Not oversees when the bill can go crazy up for a minute, “Penelope, I have another call on the line.”

  “Oh, okay. I’ll see you in a few hours I guess.” She said in a sweeter tone.

  “Yeah sure. I’m waiting. Have a safe flight.”  

  The second we both hanged up, I accepted the other call on waiting before the line got cut off, “Hello?”

  “Hey man, what’s up?” Jo’s voice was off making me worried. Did something happen to Iman?

  “What’s wrong, Jo?” I didn’t care that I sounded like a worried mother but the racing of my heart made my patience wear off.

  Jo chuckled heavily then sighed, “Is it that obvious?”

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