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Chapter 52

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~Iman's P.O.V~

  The day went by so fast and before I even knew it, it was time to get ready for my dinner with Mazen.

  Yasmin was already home, cooking. She was so focused on what she was doing that she got startled when I tried to go and help her. She even yelled at me to go get ready for my date.

  Date, the word itself makes me uncomfortable. Then you add the fact that my stomach hadn't rested all day from my nerves and you got one girl on edge, and it's not a pretty scene.

  I haven't even been this nervous since my high school results and that was legit because it was going to determine my whole future.

  Why is it so hard to just go with it? It was only Mazen. I knew him, I trusted him. So why was I so nervous?

  Taking a deep breath, I went to my dresser and decided to just wear something nice. I have already wasted 15 minutes doing nothing at all.

  Looking at my clothes, I realized I had nothing to wear. Well, I had my casual clothes which weren't that nice. Most of them were old jeans and some long sleeved, over-sized t-shirts. Or my work clothes; the long black or creamy skirt and some semi-formal blouses.

  I didn't have a variety of clothes to choose from as I never thought I would need anything other than work clothes and the comfy clothes. It wasn't like I had anywhere to go or anyone to see other than my own brothers or uncle.

  Maybe I should just throw on anything from my work collection since it was the only 'nice' thing I had, but Mazen had seen me with all of those clothes before.

  Hold on, why do I care if Mazen had seen me with the same outfit before? I never gave my clothes a thought before and suddenly, I was wasting almost half an hour just trying to think of something nice to wear?

  This wasn't me. I was never the type of girl who cared about what anyone thought of her clothes or looks. As long as I was being modest and decent that's all that mattered to me and I should be like that now.

  Taking out me black skirt and my peachy blouse, I decided to just go with that. It was modest, decent and it looked nice plus Mazen knew what clothes I wear before he proposed.

  I was just about to change when I heard a ding noise coming from my laptop. It was strange really, I rarely ever got any email since I left college.

  Opening my email, I noticed the address ZaynKilam@gmail.com I didn't know anyone with the last name Kilam. The only Zayn I knew was Zayn Malik. However, it wouldn't hurt to just read it. If it was a spam I could always just delete it.


  From: ZaynKilam@Gmail.com

  To: ImanSaleh20@Gmail.com

  Subject: Hey.

  Al Salam Alykum, Iman.

  I'm sorry if I'm bothering you at this hour. I just finished a concert and everyone is going out to party so I thought I should stay in but I'm having second thoughts.

  So, yeah. Hope it's alright that I'm talking to you instead. :) Z

  Reading the email for the second time, a small smile crept on my mouth. I was proud of him for making a conscious decision to stay away from his friends when he was tempted to go party. He could've easily just said I'll go but I won't do anything and the next thing he knew, he would find himself back to drinking or whatever other habits he used to have.

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