Chapter 24

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~Youssef’s P.O.V~

                Glancing at my phone screen one more time, it read exactly 5:54PM. Almost six.

                Looking around the restaurant, my stomach turned in anticipation as I nervously took a quick look at myself in the mirror at the entrance of the restaurant.

                My white tee was barely visible under my black jean jacket, I ran my hand through my hair which was perfectly quaffed up just like Zayn taught me to do it showing off a bit of my tattoo which I still had. I looked good but that didn’t seem to reduce my nerves one bit.

                I looked down at my arms feeling proud of my tattoo. I still loved it and I wished I could keep it but talking with Sheikh Ibrahim for the last three weeks had given me doubts about it.

                Should I fight for it or should I just go along with removing it was still something that I’m considering at the back of my mind but for the time being I might as well enjoy it.

                After I rolled my sleeves up a bit, I looked up to the door one more time and that’s when I saw her walk in the restaurant, my heart almost skipped a beat. She looked absolutely perfect.

                I quickly stood up when she noticed me and started walking towards me, “Hey.”

                “Hey.” She smiled showing of her perfect white teeth making her pink lips become even more beautiful if that was even possible.

                Noticing that I was staring, I quickly coughed and went to pull her chair allowing her to sit then made sure she was comfortable before going to sit on my chair.

                “You look,” I paused searching for a word but it seems like my brain had stopped functioning, “nice.” I finally said.

Beautiful you idiot. She looks beautiful.

                “Thank you,” She smiled looking down for a second, “So do you.”

                We both sat awkwardly silent pretending to be reading the menu. Well, at least I was as I was out of words, my brain just was not working tonight.

                “This place is nice. I’ve never been here before.” She broke the silence. I was supposed to break it with something charming like in those cheesy movies. God, why was my mind so blank.

                “Yeah, me neither but Z- a friend told me it was good.” I covered my almost slip with a smile. I wanted to know if she really liked me for me first, like Zayn said. “Did you find it easily?”

                “Yeah, I actually live not too far from here which is why I was surprised that I never noticed it before.” She said then we both kept quiet for a second when the waiter came to take our orders.

I order some fish-fillet since Iman and Iman both hate it so I never get to eat it at home, while she ordered chicken parmesan with fries as a side dish.

                “Don’t judge. I know the plate actually comes with a pasta but I can never eat without fries.” She said in a little ashamed but confident voice

“I’m just glad you are not one of those salad eating girls.” I chuckled.

                “Ugh, I hate salad. Plus, how could they even get full with those green thingies? I would much rather have fries.”

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