Chapter 17

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~Iman’s P.O.V~

                My nervous were getting the best of me as I was making some breakfast for me and the boys while they got dressed.

                Today was Saturday. The first day all of us would have a meeting with Sheikh Ibrahim as a family and to say I was nervous was a big underestimation to my feelings right now.

                It wasn’t the first time we had a meeting with him together but the last one we had was years ago. He helped us through so much in our lives and he was the one who taught us that being orphans wasn’t a bad thing. It was simply another test from Allah and it was our attitude towards it that would shape our lives.

                His words always meant so much to me growing up and I used to idolize everything he said or did. He was the one who convinced me to wear the Hijab, to move with Ayman even to study business in college and take the summer courses to finish early.

                Going to see him today was a mixture of excitement, nervousness and fear. I was excited to be in his presence again and learn from his wise words and I was nervous about the subject of our meeting which was of course Youssef. I wanted with all my heart to hear that Youssef was actually changing and thinking right.

                And finally I was afraid. I was afraid because I know how bad I had been since started preparing to move. I hadn’t been to the mosque in so long and I hadn’t taken any part of the activities there. I felt guilty for abandoning my mosque like that but I was busy.

                “Good morning.” Youssef was the first one to come down to breakfast.

                “Good morning.” I smiled at him then continued making breakfast.

                The thing about weekends was that it was the only time we had together as a family so I just loved making it a special habit of mine to make everything about it on point even the simplest thing like breakfast.

                “Morning,” Ayman said taking a seat next to Youssef.

                I hurriedly chopped some tomatoes and cucumbers next to my falafel, beans, boiled eggs and mash potatoes. It was a classic weekend breakfast for our family. My mum used to make it to us before the accident and I tried my best to keep the tradition.

                “I love the weekend’s breakfast so much.” Youssef said picking a piece of cucumber.

                “Me too.” I smiled making myself a sandwich.

                “Youssef, why is there a whole in your jeans?” Ayman said looking at Youssef’s knees.

                “It’s ripped jeans.” Youssef shrugged taking a bite of his falafel.

                “Why are you wearing jeans that are ripped?” Ayman asked confused while eating.

                “It’s just how they are.” Youssef didn’t pay too much attention to the subject.

                “Well, go change them then. You are going to a mosque not to hangout with your friends.” Ayman said sternly.

                “Sheikh Ibrahim never said anything about my jeans before.” Youssef rolled his eyes.

                “He is a polite man but you shouldn’t take advantage of that!” Ayman was trying not to cause an argument but it was already there.

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