Chapter 47

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~Youssef’s P.O.V~

  Making up with Iman yesterday was easy. She would literally do anything I say if I gave her a cute frown, big puppy eyes and called her Meme like I used to do when I was younger. She has a weakness towards me, and I would be lying if I said I don’t get advantage of her from time to time, cause I do.

  Today was Thursday. Meaning I had a million thing to do but I wanted to do none of them.

  First of all, today was Zayn’s last day before he go touring with One Direction and he wanted us to meet him before 6 because he was busy afterwards. But I wasn’t free myself that morning, holly had to be at the book shop from the beginning of her shift till about 8pm. something about a book club.

  Of course I would have offered to come with her as all she had to do was make sure things were going well and help out if she was needed but Iman was going to be there along with that Mazen guy who became good friends with Ayman lately and I didn’t want to make any trouble for myself. That’s why I’m meeting her now instead of later.

  “Morning babe.” Holly gave me a quick peck on the lips when she finally reached the café I mentioned in my text this morning.

  “Morning gorgeous.” I smiled widely checking her out as she looked extra pretty today. Not that she didn’t look pretty everyday but today she just had an extra sparkle around her.

  Maybe it’s that fact that she looks like she actually had enough sleep or that she made an extra effort this morning with her make-up or just her choice of clothes this morning. I don’t know but all I know is that she looked absolutely gorgeous and I was a lucky guy to call her mine.

  “This place used to be my dad’s favorite. I forgot how amazing it was.” She looked around the place with a beautiful simple smile on her face but sadness was evident in her eyes and for that second I felt my heart drop.

  Did she lose her dad as well?

  How stupid am I, she told me she had to help him with something the other day. So, why was she sad?

  I had an uneasy feeling about this and I didn’t want to ask but I knew I had to. If it was making her sad then maybe I could take her worries away.

  “What’s… your favorite thing to eat here?” I asked fast feeling my heart beat double its normal rate. I hate how coward I was for not just asking her. Sissy.

  “They have amazing Cinnabon here. Especially the mini chocolate bites.” She beamed.

  “Cool, we’ll have 2 then.” I was about to go order when she stopped me.

  “Two is too much sugar. Let’s share one and have a couple of hot chocolate on the side and take loads of cute couplie pictures like those Tumblr posts.” She said way too excitedly about it and I didn’t want to make her sad so I agreed even though I hate those creepy things, especially in public but I was willing to make a fool of myself for her just to be happy.

  “Your wishes are my commands your highness.” I faked a bow then went to order for us.

  Looking at her from afar, I smiled to myself. She was just the most beautiful girl in the place, hands down. But at the same time seeing her in her deep thoughts with that sad look in her eyes tears my heart apart and it hurts that I’m not strong enough to ask. I’m too scared of the answer.

  I remember the last time I cared enough to ask and they had to explain to me what death meant. That was an experience I never want to repeat, at least not now. I could just be the light in whatever sadness in her heart without knowing the reason behind it.

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