Chapter 45

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~Zayn’s P.O.V~

  After that stupid meeting, Mary gave me the profile of my date. I was pissed and almost throw the file away but Liam talked to me and convinced me to just roll with it for the press but do whatever I wanted privately.

  I didn’t have to really go anywhere with that girl, I only had to be seen walking with her or coming out of a place with her that’s it.

  It wasn’t a lot to do, especially that she was a super model and had a crazy schedule of her own but my guilt was beyond anything. I felt like I was betraying Iman in a way. Maybe not her as a person since we aren’t in a relationship or anything but maybe betraying her trust.

  All this progress I was making to prove to her I was being a good person, a better person just for her is being set back for my career. Even though Iman had a special place in my heart, I knew what my priorities were and that was my job which I loved doing very much. That’s why I gave Mary my password to tweet whatever she wanted.

  And now I’m sitting here with her in my living room just watching celebs news to make sure we were making headlines.

  “Mary texted me saying we should be vague about our ‘relationship’ to the paps or interviewers.” Penelope said

  “Okay.” I mumbled looking outside of the window. It wasn’t see through from the outside so I knew the paps couldn’t see me looking at them from the inside.

  “She said to tweet something about spending the time here but not make it too obvious.” She continued with the list of things I despised myself for doing.

  “She has my password.” I didn’t give her too much attention as I felt my phone vibrate with a text from Youssef.

  “Okay then. Oh, one last thing our next ‘date’ has to be before you leave for tour. So what are you doing tomorrow night?” She looked at me with concentration being too professional about this which should make me feel better about the whole thing but it didn’t.

  “I’m busy.” I mumbled as I read Jo’s message.

  ‘Are you busy? Need to talk to you mate.

  “Well, don’t you have like an hour or so? Even for breakfast. We need to be seen together one more time before you leave.” She seemed a little agitated as she spoke.

  “Not really. As you said it’s my last day so I’m saying goodbye.” I shrugged not really giving her any attention as I replied to Jo.

  ‘Come by my house in an hour, bro.’

  Sure this ‘date’ won’t last for another hour. I’m way too bored with it anyways.

   “Listen here Malik, neither of us wants to do this whole dating thing and it’s pretty obvious from the way we both just spent the last couple of hours on our phone pretending to be watching TV but we both need the publicity for our careers so at least pretend like you care.” She snapped at me.

  “No. I’m not going to pretend to be doing anything cause unlike you I’m not doing this for publicity. This is my punishment so I’m sorry if I don’t want to jump in planning our imaginary relationship.” I snapped back at her then walked to the kitchen to get a glass of water.

  I know it wasn’t fair to be rude to her, it wasn’t her fault that I have to do this. It wasn’t her fault she sighed a contract with d*ckheads of a management team and I shouldn’t jam my anger on her.

  “Well, it’s too bad. But guess what, I don’t care. Whatever you did to get me as a punishment must’ve been very damn good cause other men would kill to be in the same room as me.” She shot at me making me forgot all about the apology I was planning to say.

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