Chapter 16

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~Youssef’s P.O.V~

                Chilling with Jawaad had been my norm for the last week. Every day, I wake up go to my morning meetings with Sheikh Ibrahim, which didn’t suck as much as I thought they would at first, then after I finish, I meet Jawaad and we just chill around London till Zayn finishes his study work.

                If he finish before my curfew time I would hang out with him, but for the past couple of days he had been quite busy. Thank god he had today off. I really did miss hanging out with him. He was just the coolest person ever.

                “Finally, out of jail?” Jawaad said in his usual sarcastic tone when he opened the door for me.

                “Ha ha, very funny.” I rolled my eyes at him as I walked inside.

                “Jo, my man.” Zayn greeted me excitingly when he noticed I was there.

                “Hey, Zaughty. How have you been?” I chuckled at my own jock.

                “You heard my new nickname, eh?” He joked.

                “Yeah, the whole world knew, mate. Where did you get that sick jacket from though?” I asked referring to the picture he posted on his twitter.

                “Shahid gave it to me as a present.” He shrugged it off like it was nothing.

                “He seems like a cool guy.” I said taking a bit of one of the cupcakes on his kitchen island.

                “Making yourself right at home, mate?” Jay chuckled hitting my leg which was just about to put on the other empty chair.

                “What, I like cupcakes.” I shrugged.

                “Are we going to spend the whole day just lazily chilling here? Let’s go out.” Jawaad whined.

                “It’s 11AM. Where are we going to go?” Zayn asked.

                “I don’t know. Let’s go shopping for sneakers. I need a new pair. Plus it’s too early to pump into any of your fans.” Jay suggested and Zayn seemed convinced so we headed out.

                After walking around just for a couple of blocks to where the stores where, we heard a squeak from a couple of girls who were standing next to us.

                “Oh my god, you are Zayn Malik!” One of the girls managed to breathe and actually say a comprehendible sentence and Zayn just smiled.

                “Can we take a picture with you please? You are like my life!” I took the phone from the girl as they both hugged Zayn for the picture then both asked for a real hug after they took the phone back before we said our goodbye and left.

                The girls weren’t just some ten years old quirky girls. No, they were legit hot girls about same age as me and Jawaad which made me very jealous of Zayn to see them just literally gushing over him like that with him doing anything.

                It sure was nice being Famous.

                “The blond one was rather hot.” Jawaad stated interrupting my thoughts.

                “Yeah, I guess.” Zayn seemed not to be interested.

                “You guess? Did you not see her?” I gasped.

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