Chapter 32

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~Iman's P.O.V~

"Hey, Iman." Zayn smiled at me.

"Hello." I tried my best to give him a smile that didn't look forced but when Yasmin walked to join the others leaving us alone, I got even more nervous.

"The discussion was amazing. You were amazing." He complemented me with a sweet voice.

"Thank you. I hope you enjoyed it." I decided to treat him like a customer. I didn't need to make agitate Mazen into making a scene here.

"I did. I'm not much of a fan of the book but the atmosphere was nice and your little intro got me hooked. I might read it when I finish 'Looking for Alaska'." He said making me furrow my brows at him.

"You are reading 'Looking for Alaska'?" I asked shocked. I certainly wouldn't have thought he was a john green fan. Well, he isn't as he hasn't read his most popular work but he was reading my favorite book.

"Yeah, it's amazing so far. I might finish it just in time for the next discussion." He smiled. And for a second I started looking at him differently. I know a lot of people liked that book but not people like him. It gave me a little bit of a different vibe towards him.

"I hope you do. It would be fun for you to actually enjoy the discussion." I don't know how on earth I got the guts to talk to him like that. I need to be more careful on what I say.

"Oh, you caught on that?" He chuckled a bit embarrassed.

Our conversation got cut short when I felt a presence next to me. Taking one look at my side I noticed Mazen standing next to me and behind him the rest looking at us with too much attention.

"What are you doing here?" Mazen asked a bit rudely.

"Hey, I'm not looking for trouble man." Zayn put his hands up in surrender.

"Then leave. The place is closed." Mazen spat and I was sure Zayn would snap at him now causing the dreadful scene I was afraid off.

"Look mate, I was just talking with her. The book club was great, so I just congratulated her." Zayn tried to cool Mazen down.

"It's my library so talk to me next time." Mazen said defensively. Making me snap my head at him.

What did he mean? I knew it was his library but this book club is my work. Was he expecting to get all the credit?

"Well, I didn't know you organized and planned the whole thing. Congratulations then." Zayn smirked. I don't know if he was sarcastic or genuine but all I knew that his answer satisfied my ego. Even though I felt guilty that Mazen got embarrassed like that.

"Need anything else, mate? As I said we are closed." Mazen Said rudely.

"Mazen, he's a customer." I mumbled not too loudly but I wasn't appreciating the way he was talking to Zayn. The guy tried to be nice and civil but Mazen was being awfully rude for no reason.

"I'll be going, now. But I hope you don't mind if I attend next week's discussion. I actually like that book." Zayn shrugged smilingly at me, then looked at Yasmin and waved, "Bye."

As Zayn walked out of the room, a strange feeling had crept inside of me. I don't know, but he was different. He was more mature and the way he handled that conversation was really nice. Unlike Mazen who was defensive and rude for nothing.

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