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Chapter 37

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~Iman’s P.O.V~

  The living area was no longer filled with the loud laughter. Instead it was all just murmurs, just pointless conversations. I didn’t want to be rude and talk badly about what my Auntie did but I don’t see why we were put in this situation.

  It was pointless really. Everyone was just trying to be polite by talking at whatever general topic they could possibly think off but it only made the atmosphere even weirder.

  “C’mon everything. The food is served.” Auntie Lea said with a polite smile leading everyone to the dining table.

  “The smell is amazing.” Mazen said as he took a seat between Uncle Adam and Ayman.

  “Aw, thank you dear. I hope you like it.” Auntie Lea said as she took a seat on the other side of Uncle Adam.

  Yasmin and I started plating up everyone. Yasmin took up Youssef’s plate first since he was the closest to her, and since I was sitting next to Ayman, I started with his plate then quickly went to Mazen’s putting in a large portion of rice, salad and a mix of koftai and Egyptian Kebab meat.

  “Thank you, Iman.” He gave me a genuine nice smile as he took the plate from me as I mumbled a ‘you are welcome’ before starting on Uncle Adam’s plate.

  “Thank you baby girl.” Uncle Adam said then started eating as I filled up my own plate.

  Sitting down, I started eating my plate as the table quiet but for the cluttering sounds of utensils and the quiet murmurs between Youssef, Holly and Yasmin.

  “Sorry I didn’t make a homemade meal for you guys. I feel horrible, on your first time visiting us we fed you Qadar’s.” Auntie Lea said with an apologetic smile interrupting the somewhat awkward silent.

  “It’s okay, Khala. The food is amazing. Plus you are pregnant, I would’ve felt guilty if we made you cook for us.  My sister is pregnant too and she’s always complaining about her back or her feet.” Mazen said while eating some of his Koftai.

  “Oh, she is? That wonderful. How far along is she?” Auntie Lea asked.

  “She’s about to give birth actually. I think her due date is next week or something.” Mazen smiled proudly. I’m sure he’s excited about being an Uncle, as much as I am about being an Aunt. I feel kind of related to him somehow.

  “In sha’ allah, she’ll give birth to a beautiful healthy baby.” Auntie Sana said smiling, “Do you have other siblings?”

  “I just have one sister, Noha.”

  “That’s nice. And what about your parents? Tell us more about them.” Ayman asked taking a bit of his kebab. Why was he asking him about his parents?

  “Well, my mom is a stay at home mother. She currently taking on the hobby of baking hence all the new cupcakes and pastries in the library.” Mazen chuckled lightly.

  “Oh yeah, they are amazing. You gotta try some tomorrow, Iman.” Holly said when she caught on the subject.

  “I will.” I smiled shyly.

  “They are great, you’ll love them.” Mazen smiled at me then returned his attention to Ayman, “And my father is a doctor, but he went back to Syria a couple of years ago.”

  “During the attacks?” My Uncle asked in both surprise and admiration.

  “Yeah, he wanted to help. And as a doctor his efforts were very much needed there. He said they were thousands of injured people and literally no medical care whatsoever.”

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