Chapter 34

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~Iman’s P.O.V~

  Monday sucks.

  Waking up at 5AM again at the beginning of the week after relaxing in the warmth of my bed for two days until 7AM was definitely my least favorite thing but it had to be done. Breakfast wasn’t going to prepare itself.

  Yawning, I stretched my arms up until I felt my body get rid of that rusty feeling it had after waking up. I quickly went to the bathroom to do my morning routine then did wodu’ and prayed fajr before wearing my jeans and a sweatshirt and going downstairs to start preparing breakfast.

  There were still some dirty dishes left from yesterday’s dinner which I started on after wrapping up everything for breakfast when they all wake up.

   At around 6:30AM I heard a door being closed upstairs then someone walk down. I expected it to be Ayman but I was wrong. It was Yasmin who was fully dressed as well.

  She was wearing tight black jeans, with black-blue denim shirt and creamy jacket on top with long brown boots. She looked so good today. It was obvious she was nervous and was trying to dress to impress.  She even had a little make-up on. It was so light, I think it’s called ‘natural look’ but it was definitely there.

  “Good morning, Yasmin.” I smiled putting boiling water in her cup then placing it in front of her.

  “Good morning, thank you.” She smiled taking a sip before waiting for it to cool down a little burning her tongue in the process.

  “Are you okay?” I asked worriedly as she did a little jump dance waving at her tongue trying to cool it down, I bet it was very hot.

  “Hot, hot.” She managed to say making me chuckle at her.

  “Here.” I gave her cucumber piece which was cold to eat it and take away the hotness of the tea a bit.

  “Thank you.” It came out muffled but I understood it.

  “No worries. Just relax, today will be fun. Promise.” I tried to cheer her up a little but all I got was a muffled short answer which I didn’t understand so I just smiled.

  “Good morning.” Ayman said smiling at both of us. When did he come down the stairs?

  “Morning” We both answered him back as Yasmin quickly got his cup and made him his morning tea just the way he liked it.

  “Here you go” She smiled giving him his cup.

  “Thank you.” He smiled taking it then looked at Yasmin but just for a second before he averted his gaze as a sigh escaped his mouth before he spoke again, “Are you nervous?” He focused on his sandwich not looking at her.

  “Yeah, very.” She chuckled nervously.

  “Don’t be. You’ll do great.” He said in a sweet voice but didn’t look at her, he just took a bit of his sandwich.

  “Thank you.” She smiled looking down as she put a loose strand of her behind her ear.

  A few minutes later, auntie Sana came down dressed and ready but I had no idea why.

  “Morning, Auntie.” Ayman Smiled politely and I mumbled a ‘morning’ to her as well.

  “Morning.” She smiled taking a seat, “Thank you darling.” She said when I gave her the tea cup I just made for her.

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