Chapter 18

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~Iman’s P.O.V~

                Ayman calm as usual but his voice was strong and stern making Zayn visibly swallow.

                “I’m really sorry. I didn’t know he was underage back then. We were just chilling and he wanted one so he got it.” Zayn looked apologetic.

                “He looks young enough.” Ayman said raising an eyebrow at Youssef. He kind of had a point since Youssef did have a baby face that looked no older than 15.

                “Yeah. Um, I realize that now.” Zayn was rubbing the back of his neck as he couldn’t find a way out of that conversation.

                “He was the one who told me where Youssef was when he ran away.” I knew I shouldn’t butt in like I did but it was getting too awkward and I knew that was exactly what Ayman wanted. To make Zayn feel horrible for leading Youssef on like that but let’s be real it wasn’t his fault it was Youssef’s.

                “I see.” Ayman gave me a look which told me I better keep out of this and I just looked at the ground in embarrassment.

                “He’s just like my little cuz, you know.” Zayn shrugged awkwardly.

                “Your little cousin has tattoos?” Ayman asked with his usual monotone but it was more than torturous to Zayn, I assume.

                “No, he doesn’t.” Zayn said in a low voice.

                “So you only helped my brother to get one?” Ayman asked sternly raising an eyebrow.

                “I was the one who wanted it Ayman, so just leave the lad alone.” Youssef snapped at Ayman startling all of us.

                “Dude, that’s not cool.” Zayn said shaking his head slowly.

                “He’s being an ars-, I mean he’s being mean to you.” Youssef furrowed his eyebrows. And Ayman just kept his mouth shut as he was in shook and in the same time I knew he was trying his best not to cause a scene.

                “He’s still your older brother while I’m just a guy you know.” I was actually impressed with his words. I thought he would be happy that Youssef was defending him to clear his image which at the end of the day was all he wanted from me. But he turned up to be a decent guy. Sometimes at least.

                “You are not just some guy. You are my bro. bros for life, that’s what you said to me?” Youssef was hurt for some reason.

                “I still stand by my words bro. You are just like Jay for me that’s why I’m telling you this. Your brother is just looking out for you, just like do with Jay, you know.” Ayman and I were both silent not because we had nothing to say but because we saw how much Zayn’s words were getting to Youssef. He’ll never listen to us like that.

                “Whatever. Aren’t you meeting your friends or something?” Youssef rolled his eyes as he saw he was at wrong from all of us.

                “You are kicking me out now, mate?” Zayn chuckled, “I actually really have to go now. See you around?” His question was to Youssef but he smiled at me and nodded before turning on his to walk away.


~Zayn’s P.O.V~

                Walking away from them, I felt pride in myself.

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