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Pyramids {BTS x reader} by TaeTae_lyfe
Pyramids {BTS x reader}by -Mäx
She didn't need a crown, because she wasn't a queen.... She was a goddess. • • • • • • Book #2 in "The Blue Eyes" series. #1 in 'btsxreader' June, 2019
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Fate's a Funny Thing by afillingim96
Fate's a Funny Thingby April Fillingim
A part of Krista couldn't help but feel sorry for the mummy, "So he awakens after 3,000 years to find not only his wife's look alike but she just so happens to be p...
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The Pharaoh's Dancer [Original] **COMPLETED** by Tic_Tok
The Pharaoh's Dancer [Original] ** Sandie
"Do you know what to do, Amunet?" A voice as sweet as silk whispered into the young girl's ear. Amunet didn't look over her shoulder, but shifted uncomfortably...
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The Prince's Punishment by GinaMendez
The Prince's Punishmentby Zach
Eshe is a slave forced to work in the harsh environment of Egypt. When she finds herself at the mercy of an angry guard and about to be violated an unexpected guest mana...
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Kamila by LithliyaOmorose
Kamilaby Lithliya Omorose
Highest Ranking: 2 in Historical Fiction, 30 in Fantasy I looked up and saw him for what Father truly was. He looked tired and for the first time I saw how little he c...
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The Reign of Rana: An Egyptian Love Story by XxBriannaMariexX
The Reign of Rana: An Egyptian Dippedincaramel
An Egyptian tale of a Pharaoh being completely enraptured by a beautiful dancer, Rana.
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The Golden Queen by OliviaFallyn
The Golden Queenby Olivia Fallyn
After an enchanted artifact lures Kara Walker three thousand years back in time, she finds herself in the perilous world of ancient Egypt, an era when everyone fears-and...
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The Cipher's Prophecy by FantasticOnFireAl
The Cipher's Prophecyby FantasticOnFireAl
Dipper is given a journal of the Queen of Egypt thousands of years ago who went missing. He belives it is a clue to find the lost queen. He was very wrong. The pharaoh h...
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Unsteady; House of Anubis (FanFiction) *B2* by SarahRCubitt13
Unsteady; House of Anubis ( Sarah R. Cubitt
Unsteady; adjective - moving or changing, or not firm: It's a new school year! Everyone is back at Anubis House, and much to Camilla-Anne Rutter's annoyance there seems...
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The Deviant Path to Olympus by JonVilario
The Deviant Path to Olympusby JonVilario
492BC Ancient Athens. Gaiana was raised as a slave her whole life, she knew nothing more than a life of servitude to her master and his son. For her, this life was prede...
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The Mummy - Lost Princess Part 1 by IndyMysteryRose
The Mummy - Lost Princess Part 1by IndyMysteryRose
Kiya is the only princess of the Medjai and comes from the 12th tribe. Apart of a prophecy that says she destined to kill Imhotep with the help of Ardeth Bay, her protec...
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As Fate Dictates by kingperera
As Fate Dictatesby curleeesi
The story of a girl, chosen by the gods and by fate, to save Egypt. To save the world's greatest civilization in the race against time. Plucked from her 21st century lif...
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Pharaoh's Prophecy by AstroSky1421
Pharaoh's Prophecyby AstroSky
I do not own Gravity Falls (sadly). The pharaoh of Egypt wants the one he has wrong back. He will stop at nothing to get his beloved queen back... (Billdip)
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Donna's Summer|| Bill Weasley  by neverlandhiraeth
Donna's Summer|| Bill Weasley by Hiya Huns x
River Dawson felt nothing more than ecstasy as a new adventure awaited for her. With the world in her hands she was itching to discover more of it and that is what she p...
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Yu-gi-oh- Queen Of Games by StarlineStories
Yu-gi-oh- Queen Of Gamesby StarlineStories
Anastasia Starline- head of Starline Enterprises is a developing company that specialises in nano- technology. After a friendly request from Seto Kaiba she is invited to...
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Dawn of the Epoch by RugbySpurs
Dawn of the Epochby Ian D. Ghrist
Hunter called himself an archaeologist, but he was a modern day treasure hunter. Tiyana was a scientist devoted to her craft. They were passionate people, wholly devoted...
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Pharaoh's Concubine [Manga Version] by silverhanyougirl
Pharaoh's Concubine [Manga Version]by silverhanyougirl
In despair,she gets dragged into an Acient Egypt by a snake shaped breacelet that is engraved with a three thousand year old love oath. A fantasy love story of a modern...
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The Mummy - O'Connell's love story by thegirlwithepen
The Mummy - O'Connell's love storyby Thegirlwithepen
Sophie Carnahan is the sister of Jonathan and Evelyn Carnahan After the death of Sophie's parents, Sophie decides to continue with her fathers work and become an archaeo...
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Golden Lust by Adventure200
Golden Lustby Alula
"Love me because I am me, not my appearance...if not what is the point of love anyway?" Betrothed off, they youngest of the siblings is to marry Prince Oberyn...
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All the Stars by Gold_Mints
All the Starsby Diamond Bedard
Raven never cared about anything as long as nobody fucked with her brothers. What would you do if you were connected to the richest and most beautiful girl in school? It...
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