Chapter 60

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My pace is so freaking slow.. already chapter 60 is here :(


~Zayn's P.O.V~

  "Woah there Zayn, calm down on your excitement to be with me or people would actually believe we are dating." Penelope teased me making me chuckle.

  "Sorry, it's just I literally only arrived in London before I came here." I felt a little bad that I was being rude to her yet again.

  Rude was a simple word to what I was doing. I was on edge, always looking at the clock and not even paying attention to what she was saying. Not because of Penelope, not at all. I liked her company, she was cool. But I was finally back in London after a month and half of constant touring. I wanted to stop by 'Khayan' to see Iman instead I'm here on yet another 'Date' set by management.

  All I wanted to do was to have a conversation with her. See her beautiful face and hear her angelic voice. God, I didn't even know how much I missed her until I became so close to her yet so far away. I was counting the minutes to end this date and Penelope noticed that.

  She was putting some effort in our meeting while I was blowing her off. The least I could do was be polite and respect her presence. If she was Iman, she would give me one of her looks and tell me a lady shouldn't be treated like that.

  "I understand. I bet you miss your girl and would rather be with her instead." She smiled sweetly.

  My girl. How I wish she was my girl.

  It's been more than three months and I've barely crossed the friendship line. She finally trusted me enough to talk to me about her life instead of always talking about me. I don't even know how long it would take her to think of me as anything else. Which is really funny considering it only took me a few weeks to know for a fact she was the one I want.

  "Tell you what, let's go out holding hands. I'll bury my face from the paps in your back shoulder till the car. You can give me a lift to my place then go see her." Penelope beamed at me getting up.

  "What about the agreement? They said stay for two hours." I was a bit worried that we only sent like 45 minutes in this place. I don't want anyone interrupting my time off again.

  "Screw them. Let's go."


~Iman's P.O.V~

  Working wasn't exactly what I imagined it to be but I can't really judge it already since it's only been three days. So far, I've copied many papers, bought a few coffees for editors, marketers and even secretaries. But at the same time, I sat with Natalia the head of marketing department during her staff meeting and reviewed the plan for next month's strategy. Also I've been spending time with Esra who is responsible for innovation of new projects.

  Sid khan told me to work with both Esra and Natalia side by side cause that's where I would be working when I get employed. Either in the marketing department or the innovation and development department.

  "Esra is going to present yesterday's points and ideas to the board this afternoon so we have some time off" Tasha, a trainee like myself said with a sigh of relieve.

   Tasha was a good girl but very lazy. She was brown like most employees here but her features were quite familiar to me and I don't even know why. It's not like I know that many desi people but I dismissed the thought of my mind. She must look like a famous Bollywood actress.

  "Oh well, I should go see what Natalia is up to. Maybe I could hang around with her a little." I smiled politely gathering the few nooks I had with me then I got up from my seat in the cafeteria area where I was having my coffee break

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