Chapter 49

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~Zayn P.O.V~

  I got her Email! I did it!

  Euphoric, that’s how I was feeling. If anyone saw me now they would think I got laid or something. I was that happy with just and Email.

  It wasn’t much but it was a start. I have a way of contacting her now and I should use it wisely. Any wrong word could end whatever relationship we have now.

  The way she talked to me back there with no barriers, no hesitation not even hostility but she has a smile on her face and confident in her words. She didn’t hesitate to help me when I asked, well maybe because I was pushy but I didn’t know what else to do.

  Iman wasn’t like any girl I have ever met, not even like my own hard headed sisters or annoying cousins. She never lets a man close enough to her to be labeled a friend never mind more. The only way I got her attention was by playing the victim and it seems to work because she automatically changes her entire posture to me when I talk about my religious side.

  My guilt sometimes consumed me when I think about it. Technically I’m using my lack of religious commitment to get close to Iman but to be honest, I do feel good when I’m closer to God. I feel at peace when I’m with her and because she helps me get closer to my religion it makes me feel better.

  Maybe I won’t be a Sheikh soon but I just feel better knowing I’m closer to Allah even in one way. It’s a start as Iman would say.

  “Hey Zayn,” Penelope Said with a forced smile on her face as she knew there were paps outside this restaurant.

  After our last encounter I thought she would definitely break the contract and not see me again but having to face legal problems wasn’t good for any of us so here we are, sat in a fancy ‘romantic’ restaurant with a bunch of paps outside waiting to snap as many pictures as possible of us.

  “Hello Penelope.” I smiled feeling guilty. I knew she would rather die than be here with me and she has every right to hate me. I was a jerk to her and she didn’t deserve it.

  It wasn’t her fault I got into this mess and I wasn’t going to get it out on her.

  “Penelope,” I took a deep breath, I needed to get this out fast, my guilt was too strong and the tension between us was suffocating me, “I’m really sorry for the things I’ve said to you before. I had no right to say those awful things. You are a great woman and any man in his right mind would be thrilled to spend time with you.”

  She raised an eyebrow at me, obviously shocked by words, “Thank you Zayn.” She smiled shyly looking down.

  “So, are we good? I really would hate if you feel like this whole thing was taking it’s tool on you. We are going to spend some time together whether we wanted or not so I just hope we could make the most of it.” I said hoping she would know I was sincere.

  Our contract made us meet so often and the least we could do is be friends. Talk about random things instead of just tolerate one another.

  “Yeah, we are good.” She smiled a wide smile making me know I was successful.


~Iman’s P.O.V~

  The drive was strangely nice and not awkward at all. Mazen kept a small conversation going between the three of us. He started by asking Jasmin about school and her mom and just kept the conversation going from then.

  It was nice, like he was really a part of the family. Cracking jokes here and there, showing interest in Yasmin’s studying, asking about family members and getting to know their names. Overall it didn’t feel awkward at all, on the contrary.

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