Chapter 7

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~Iman’s P.O.V~  

 Working in this library was actually very relaxing. There wasn’t much to do since none of the summer activities had started yet so I just sat there waiting for customers while I read or talked with Holly.

 She was really nice but very talkative. If she was given the chance, I think she might talk for a whole day, none stop. On my first day she kept telling me about how cool she thought it was to finish college and what her college dream experience would be. I just stood there, nodding and smiling from time to time but in the inside, I was praying that she would leave me to read in peace.

 “Good afternoon,” I said to Holly when I entered the library and took my place behind the register, like I had done for the past two days.

 “Hey Iman, How are you today?” She yawned, which was odd considering it was barely midday.

 “Good, and you?” I asked politely, trying to keep my answers short and in no way leading to a long conversation.

 “Great. Are you excited for today’s meeting?” She asked in her usual overly excited tune.

 “I’m actually quite nervous.”

  Mazen told us that he was having a meeting for everyone after working hours today to organize our summer plan which of course made me stressful because I didn’t know what to expect or how to prepare. He didn’t tell us what we should do before attending.

 “Don’t be. It’s going to be fun. Mazen is like the coolest boss ever,” She shrieked.

 “Okay,” I said with a simple smile, ending the conversation.

 The rest of the day went on peacefully. I picked up a copy of ‘Looking For Alaska’ to read for the third time as there weren’t that many customers. Only a couple of people came in here during the whole five hours of work.

 It was now time to close the library but we just had the closed sign without really closing as we waited for Mazen to come and start the meeting he said was scheduled for today.

 “Hello.” Mazen entered with a tall gorgeous brown girl. I stood there dumbfounded of her and there was something in the bottom of my heart that just felt weird.

 “Hey Mazen, Hey Mira,” Holly greeted them in her usual cheery way. So this was Mira.

 “Mira, this is Iman, she works with Holly in the afternoon shift. Iman, this is Mira, she works in the morning shift.” Mazen introduced us and we politely said our ‘Hellos’ then we all sat around the table.

 During the meeting, I tried to be professional as much as I could; taking notes whenever Mazen would instruct us to do something and trying to come up with ideas for the summer program. Being proactive was one of the most important things to be while working within a team.

 I kept trying to steal a glance at the clock hanged on the wall when I felt the meeting was getting too long. I knew that it wasn’t a very professional thing to do but I was worried I would be late and I wouldn’t be able to make dinner before Ayman came home.

 It had been two hours already and Mazen was still talking about how we could get a known author to do a signing. We had already discussed; the summer rearranging of the library itself, the 20% discount Tuesday, the talent show Wednesday, the art gallery weekends and now we are talking about getting someone to do a signing here to get the place on the map.

 “But to do a signing, we need a lot of money and promotion that we can’t afford,” Mira said reasoning with Mazen who seemed to have a passion for the signing idea.

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