Chapter 15

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~Iman’s P.O.V~

            The house was quiet, as it usually was at this hour of the morning. It was my favorite time of the day because I had nothing to do. It was my ‘me’ time.

            Ayman was at his job and Youssef was with Sheikh Ibrahim, hopefully getting back to the right track. I was so relieved when he told me how he liked yesterday’s meeting and he didn’t mind spending his morning’s with Sheikh Ibrahim.         

            That made me feel so happy to see Youssef generally happy again and being guided at the same time. I was so scared he would be even more stubborn and just ignore anything that happen in the meeting after he leaves but thankfully he was open to change.

            He also told me how he hanged out with a kid named Jawaad all day. He was actually hanging out with someone his own age again which made me extremely happy.

             Hearing the phone ring, snapped me out of my thoughts as I went to answer it knowing it was probably Uncle Adam. He was the only one who called us on the land line.

            “Hello?” I answered.

            “Hey, Iman. How are you?” I beamed hearing Auntie Lea’s voice on the other end.

            “I’m good, Alhamdulillah. How are you? And how are the little monkeys inside?” I asked giggling to myself.

            “They miss their A’ma.” She sighed and I can just imagine her pouting.

            “I miss them too. I’m coming over this weekend with Ayman. We all have a meeting with Sheikh Ibrahim in the morning. After that we’ll spend the day with you guys.” I said excitedly as I hadn’t seen auntie Lea since we moved here because she had motion sickness due to her pregnancy.

            “Really? Oh, that’s great news. I missed you kids so much. Well, I called to tell you we had asked the doctor to identify the sexes of the babies if possible but since you guys are coming, I’ll show you the sonar picture then.” She said eagerly.

            “I thought you guys didn’t want to know?” I asked confused.

            “Well, I just have a feeling that I’m having two hyper boys so I wanted to check and Adam agreed to know as well.” She explained.

            “Oh, that’s great. But I can’t wait till the weekend to know.” I whined.

            “Patience my child.” She mimicked Uncle Adam’s voice making me burst out laughing.

            “Ya Allah, you sound just like him.” I chuckled.

            “Well, I’ve lived with him long enough.” She giggled.

            “You won’t tell me then? Or give me a hint?” I got back to whining like a child.

            “Nope. It will be a nice thing to share it with you all here, like old times.” She was determined and I understood that.

            It was a little family tradition we had back when we used to live with them. If there was any news to be shared, we would all sit in the living room and the one with the news would tell it to us all at the same time. I had no idea why we did that but it was our thing.

            “Fine, I’ll wait.” I sighed a little too dramatically than needed. I guess talking with Holy all day long had finally affected me.

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