Chapter 6

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~Iman’s P.O.V~

 Walking to that library, I looked up to avoid colliding with anyone else. I shouldn’t be touching men, let alone have them hold my hand twice.

 Once I arrived at the library, I adjusted my clothes before opening the door and hearing that ding sound indicating that someone had entered.

 The library wasn’t the biggest; in fact it was quite cozy with 3 aisles of bookshelves and a few tables in the corners.

 “Hello, may I help you?” A young girl of about fifteen greeted me with a lovely smile on her face. She was considered short for her age but she was cute nonetheless with the blond hair tied in a ponytail and the fashionable clothes that flatter her tiny body.

 “Yes, the owner is expecting me? I’m here to apply for a part time job,” I said politely.

 “Really? That’s wonderful, I’m Holly,” she extended her hand and I shook it smiling.

 “Iman,” I introduced myself.

 “It’s nice meeting you Iman. Mazen is in the back room. Follow me.” She walked behind the last book aisle and through a door to a small room in the back that was kind of more private. It had many book shelves on the walls and a table in the middle.

 “Mazen, this is Iman. She is applying for a part time job.” Holly smiled, introducing me.

 “Hello, Iman. I have been expecting you.” A man in his twenties greeted me with a nod and a breathtaking smile. He had an accent as well that I wasn’t familiar with.

 He was tall and slim but not too thin. He had jet black hair that looked so smooth in that perfect quaff, light brown eyes and a short beard that just made him extra good looking in my humble opinion.

 I was never one of those girls that cared too much about a man’s look but a black short beard and a nice smile always caught my attention.

 “Have a seat, Iman,” He said politely and I hadn’t even realized that Holly left us alone. Was I staring? I hope not, that would be too embarrassing.

 “Thank you,” I mumbled shyly.

 “So, you are Adam’s niece?” He asked smiling and I nodded in response. “Great. Did he tell you the details of the job?”

 “Not really. He said it had flexible hours but it would be mostly during the day,” I answered politely but at the same time my voice was in a serious tone trying to be professional for my first ever job interview.

 “Okay well, we open at 8AM till 5PM. You will be working with Holly, whom you have met earlier, and Mira, she mainly has the morning shift.” He explained and I tried to link the dots and figure out when will I work but I failed.

 “When will my shift be then?” I asked still maintaining my professional manners.

 “You will have the afternoon shift with Holly since it’s busier than the morning one and there are more activities and events we are planning during that time. So you will come in at twelve thirty and leave at five.” He said and I nodded. That seemed reasonable.

 “Okay, and how many days will I be working?”

 “Monday till Friday.” I furrowed my eyebrows, how was that part time? “You only work four and half hours instead of eight or more.” He explained when he noticed my expression.

 “Oh, okay then.” I guess that’s called part time as well. Hope Ayman wouldn’t mind my almost daily work.

 “As for the salary it’s not much but its five hundred a month.” He looked quizzically at me waiting for my response.

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