Chapter 27

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~Iman’s P.O.V~

                Honestly, Youssef was starting to annoy me with the excessive begging to get his phone back. He lost all the sympathy I had for him and now I was purely annoyed.

                It’s been only two days in his punishment and he has been unbelievable. Nagging was never his thing.

                “Iman!” Youssef whined for the thousand time.

                “No, Youssef. Ayman said a week. It hasn’t been two days yet.” I said tiredly as I did the dishes from this morning’s breakfast.

                “But Ayman is not here. No one is here! Please Meme, please?” He pouted giving me his puppy face knowing how I always crack under his cuteness.

                “Ayman will be pissed at both of us, Youssef.” I tried to reason with him.

                “He won’t even have to know. I’ll be super good and I won’t complain about the punishment for the rest of the week. Just please Iman, I want my phone for five minutes. Just five minutes.” He begged and I rolled my eyes at him. He was really persistent and it was getting a little suspicious.

                “Fine, what are you going to do with it if you only want it for five minutes?” I asked leaving the last cup to dry on the sink before loading the dish washer.

                “I’ll just text my friends. I want to know what they did yesterday and rain check on this week’s hangouts.” He shrugged like it was nothing but avoided eye contact.

                “Fine,” I sighed.

                “You’ll give me my phone back?” he asked with hope laced in his expression.

                “No, just take my phone to talk to your friends.” I compromised with him.

                “What? No, I want my own phone. God, why are you being so difficult.” Youssef snapped at me making me take a step back at his action.

                Did he just yell at me?

                “What’s going on here kids?” Auntie Sana asked walking inside from the back yard.

                “Nothing,” Youssef mumbled giving me an angry glare then storming back to his room.

                What was that all about? Why did he want his phone so bad? And why did he just snap at me like that? That wasn’t like Youssef. I thought he was done with the attitude faze when he started his meetings with the Sheikh but I guess not.

                “Is something wrong Iman?” Auntie Sana asked curiously.

                “No, auntie.” I shook my head with a little smile then turned my attention back to loading the dish washer but my mind didn’t stop thinking about Youssef.

                I really hated when he pulled one of his ‘teenage fits’ on me like that. As much as I emphasis with him for the punishment he’s going through, he doesn’t really make my job any easier even though I try to make him feel better.

                Hearing my phone ring snapped me out of my thoughts. I put the dish on the island counter and went to answer my phone.

                Noticing the number was an unknown, I furrowed my eyebrow at the screen before I answered, “Hello?”

                “Hey, Iman. How are you?” I heard a familiar male voice but I couldn’t really recognize who it belonged to.

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