Chapter 66

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~Iman's P.O.V~

  The hospital couldn't feel any further away from our house. The whole car ride took about 45 minutes making us all on edge. Mazen drove as he said Ayman shouldn't drive us when he was on edge like this.

  The second Mazen parked in the hospital parking lot we all rushed inside to find Uncle Adam. Once we found him, he told us that she was okay but she wasn't deluded enough then he went inside with her but we weren't allowed inside so we just waited in the waiting area.

  "In Sha' Allah she will deliver a healthy baby. It's normal to be a long process. Amira took hours." Mazen tried to get us all to be less nervous but the only one who actually replied to him was Yasmin.

  Auntie Lea wasn't just our Auntie. She was our best friend and the one who always looked after us. So being nervous was an understatement. We were on edge.

  Ayman and Mazen seemed to be engaged in a conversation while Youssef just stayed away from them and came to sit with us.

  "Why did he have to be here? He is ruining a family moment." Youssef asked pointing at Mazen annoyingly.

  "He is being nice." I tried to be stern at him but I couldn't when I felt the same way as Youssef.

  "I don't think he is. All he's doing is talk about how he knows what we are feeling and that Amira went through all that before so we shouldn't worry. Like we weren't there with him when Amira went to the hospital." Youssef rolled his eyes and I chuckled at the way he mimicked Mazen.

  After about thirty minutes, Mazen came to where we were staying and asked to have a word with me which made me nervous.

  "It's getting quite late. Do you want me to drive you and Yasmin home? It's not right for you girls to stay here at this hour." Mazen asked with concern but I raised an eyebrow at him. My Aunt was given birth and he was worried about the hour?

  "Thanks, Mazen. I want to stay." I smiled politely trying my best to keep my snarl in.

  "Iman, it's going to take hours. C'mon. I'll drive you and tomorrow morning you could come and see the baby." He insisted and I felt annoyed at him. If my own brother and Uncle didn't want me to leave, why should he?

  "I'm not going to wait till tomorrow. I'm staying. Plus Ayman, Youssef and Uncle Adam are here with me." I tried my best not to roll my eyes at him.

  "It's not safe for someone like you to stay in a public hospital at this hour. Can you just listen to me for once Iman?" He sighed running his hand through his hair.

  "Mazen, my family isn't complaining so why are you?" I was losing my patience as was he.

  "Because you never listen to me. How are you going to be my wife if we fight about my rights?" He said in frustration.

  "Your right?" I raised an eyebrow at him.

  "Yeah. I always give in to your needs and whenever I ask you to do something you don't want, it's a fight. I allowed you to work even against your brother's wish just because I knew how much you wanted it. Even though I don't like the idea at all but I allowed it. I even volunteered to help fix your brother attitude and kept every ones' mouth shut about his shady relationship with Holly! But what do I get back from you? A couple of dry conversations and stubbornness on every request." Mazen snapped at me. His voice was stern but wasn't loud.

  My eyes were wide. I was in shock of what he just said to me. I couldn't even answer him.

  "What's going on here?" Ayman asked when he noticed my face.

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