Chapter 9

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~Iman’s P.O.V~

I had no idea what had gotten into me. I never talked to anyone like that before. I never even thought I had the guts to talk to anyone like that other than Youssef.

I hate this feeling of guilt. Did I do the right thing? I was so angry when I saw him that I didn’t even think straight, I just found myself in his face.

Ugh, I feel so stupid. I should just scold Youssef instead of putting myself in that really awkward situation. How am I supposed to react when I see him again after I just rudely yelled at him like that?

 Not that I cared what he thought about me anyway, but I just hated the feeling that anyone would think about me in a bad way. Especially knowing that I’m in the wrong for what I did.

I know I should go apologize for being rude but that would make him not care about what I said. Ugh, why was everything so hard? All I wanted was to keep him away from my little brother but now my guilt wouldn’t leave me to rest.

And those looks he gave me were just too creepy. I couldn’t translate what they meant. He alternated from shock to a creepy smile and then to just a daze; the whole time he had a weird face on too.

This whole situation was just too messed up. I knew that I needed to somehow apologize but at the same time get the point across to him, but how was I supposed to do that?

Hearing the doorbell ring snapped me out of my thoughts. I quickly made sure my hijab was secured before I went to open the door.

“Iman,” Uncle Adam beamed when I opened the door.

“Uncle Adam,” I mimicked his happiness as I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed his cheek while he lifted me.

This was our special greetings when I was in a bad mood before seeing him. It was weird how only his presence would lift up my mood like that. Maybe the fact that he looked exactly like my dad had something to do with it?

Or maybe it was that simple movement of just wrapping my arms around his neck and kissing him like that reminded me of my dad because that was his way of greeting me after a long trip or something.

“How are you my child?” He asked closing the door behind him then we headed off to the living room.

“Alhamdulillah,” I sighed as we sat on the couch.

“Ayman called me yesterday,” He trailed off and I nodded in understanding, “did you talk to Youssef since then?”

“Yes, I tried to ask him why he didn’t and if he knew the consequences of it.” My voice was hollow as I gazed ahead remembering the way Youssef spoke to me.

“What was his answer?”

“He…” My voice cracked so I cleared my throat in an attempt to hide my pain and shock. “He said he understood but he was tired and didn’t want to talk about it.”

 Uncle Adam nodded but didn’t say anything.

“I still can’t believe Youssef did what he did.” I blurted with a weak voice from the small lump that was gathering in my throat, breaking the silent between us.  

“He’s just young. I’m sure we can get through this and he could learn from this mistake.” Uncle Adam wrapped one arm around my shoulder trying to comfort me but my hurt and anger wasn’t reduced a bit.

“He doesn’t even think he did anything wrong,” I said in disbelief before pulling my body away from his embrace to face him.

“He’s a stubborn boy, Iman. He knows he did something wrong but he wouldn’t admit to anyone. And especially not to you or to Ayman.”

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