Chapter 30

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~Iman’s P.O.V~

                Ayman was kind enough to let me do the discussion tonight even though it was going to be during our usual family dinner, so I thought I should at least prepare dinner early and leave it wrapped and ready to be served for him. I felt bad that I wouldn’t be there to heat it up or accompany him during it.

                Looking at the time, I noticed it was only 8:30AM which was still pretty early. Giving me enough time to make dinner for Ayman, clean my kitchen spotless, take a quick shower then go to the event a bit early even.

                I smiled knowing I had plenty of time. It made me relax a little to be fair. I hate being stressed. I took my time preparing a three course meal while Aunty was having breakfast in the back yard joined by Yasmin.

                Everything was going really well until almost midday when Youssef decided to come down stairs, finally breaking his silent treatment that he was giving us. I guess he got tired of waiting for me to be on his case, wanting him to tell me what was wrong like I always did, but I was pretty worked up with my own guilt to do that.

                “Look who finally graced me with his presence.” I smiled at him deciding to give him a little teasing.

                “I’m hungry.” He said rudely.

                “Excuse you. No need for manners?” I raised an eyebrow at him.

                “I just want food, Iman.” He rolled his eyes at me.

                “Am I supposed to serve you, your majesty?” I said sarcastically with a hint of seriousness, not wanting to scold him and make him even more annoyed with me.

                “Fine.” He dragged his body to the fridge, opening it and scanning it with his eyes looking for something to eat, “where is the strawberry jam?”

                “We ran out of jam.” I shrugged not giving him too much attention. If he wanted to play the spoiled baby I wasn’t going to play along.

                “Well, what am I supposed to eat? I hate cheese and falafel.” His attitude was too much for me to ignore.

                “Youssef, This is what we have. If you don’t like it then you’ll have to wait for dinner with Ayman. And drop the attitude. It’s not appreciated.” I said sternly at him.

                “Well, I don’t appreciate being locked in my room without my phone and having nothing good to eat either.” He snapped at me making me bling at him. Where did this come from?

                He noticed the look of shook on my face making his face soften immediately with a hint of guilt in it, “Sorry, Iman. I didn’t mean to snap at you like that.”

                “I know you didn’t, but I don’t like that new attitude you are taking on.” I said in a sweet tone, feeling a little motherly.

                “I’m sorry, I just feel so bored. It’s horrible being on lock down. And I really wish I had just five minutes to send a really really important message.” His voice was desperate making me crease my eyebrow at him.

                “What message?” I asked out of curiosity.

                “Just a message to my friend. I have to explain to…him that I didn’t ditch. Sh-He’s going to be really mad.” He said fast in a mixture of desperation and nervousness. He even stuttered?

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