Chapter 41

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~Yasmin’s P.O.V~

  This morning’s incident with Ayman was a little strange. For the first time since I came here I didn’t had any strength to feel the butterflies in my stomach for him. Even when he was giving me his full attention without me demanding it which was a first for him, I still wasn’t feeling it.

  Only when he yelled at me did I feel something other than sadness, I felt embarrassed. I never thought he would yell at me like that but I knew he was right, I was a mess.

  It hasn’t even been a day and I was soaking over my mom’s departure. I thought I would be fine with it but I guess I haven’t really thought about it that much before.

  All I do now since she left was think about her and make myself even sadder. I never realized how close I was to my mother but I guess it was normal since we literally did everything together. We shopped together, went to the gym together, did the house chorus together, talked together and even fought together.

  I only had one friend other than my mom and she had none other than me. I can’t begin to imagine how she was doing now when I was a wreck.

  “Mrs. Ibrahim.” The professor’s voice snapped me out of my little daze.

  “Sorry.” I said without even realizing what I was saying. I felt a little embarrassed since the whole class was looking at me.

  “It’s okay, just pay attention.” He smiled kindly at me then continued explaining whatever lesson he was explaining before.

  I tried my best to pay attention the rest of this class and the rest of classes I had but I kept getting distracted with my own thoughts. It was weird one second I thought about my mom and get sad the other Ayman’s voice come to me snapping me out of it. I don’t want him to get mad at me for being so weak.

  “I know professor Bernard Is charming but he left with everyone five minutes ago.” Ed, one of my class mates, said as he leaned closer to my desk.

  Ed was one of those guys who was too friendly with everyone. He made us laugh with no effort. He had this weird charisma which can’t be explained but it made him just so appealing to everyone. His charisma defiantly made up for his looks. He wasn’t what you call fit or charming.

  He was tall, with dark messy short hair and a big body that could be fit to be one of those American football guys that knocked that star players in every match. If he didn’t speak, he would be characterized as a scary guy. He looked the part as well, but once he opens his mouth with one of his goofy jokes or silly acts you would know he was just a big teddy bear.

  “Oh, please.” I rolled my eyes at him as I got up and picked my handbag to get out of the class.

  “Don’t tell me you weren’t day dreaming of Bernard ‘cause I won’t believe you.” He followed me through the hallways out of the building.

  “Believe what you want. Plus why were you even looking at me, you should’ve paid attention to the lecture.” I smirked. I usually don’t talk so confidently with boys but Ed was different. He had this aura around him that made me feel comfortable. Not just me, but all girls thought of him as their best friend as well, I still hadn’t reached that point yet he was just a friend till now.

  “I wasn’t. Kathy was, and she told me.” He smirked, “You were more fun to watch that Bernard anyways. I mean how many times can he repeat the same point before getting borrowed with it? Way more than twenty, I can tell you that.” He snorted.

  “He is boring indeed but he is one of the nicest professors here, we got to give him that.” I shrugged.

  “True, and he is fit as hell.” He said so casually making me give him a weird look, “They are inside of my head now!” He faked a look of horror as he stopped walking in a very dramatic way.

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