Chapter 4

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~Zayn’s P.O.V~

 The house was foodless. Not in the meaning where there was no food in the house, but rather the meaning of not having any edible food. Most of the food in the fridge had gone bad. There wasn’t many to begin with; just some leftovers from the last time I was home. That was one of the down sides of not being home for so long.

 Sighing, I went to my room to change into some clean clothes instead of my sweat pants and smelly shirt that I had on then decided to go buy myself some groceries since I will be home for a good three months now.

 The grocery store wasn’t crowded, it was fine actually just a few elderly people here and there. No teenage girls which was lucky for me. But then again I don’t think they wake up this early in the morning.

 Getting some essentials like cereal, chicken, frozen pizza, some tuna, eggs and some other stuff that caught my attention, I then went to the chocolate aisle. Chocolate was my addiction and since I had some time off, no one was going to lecture me about being healthy and that sh*t.

 “Hey, man.” I heard someone say as I picked up a big bag of mini bounties.

Titling my head to the side, I looked at where the voice came from. My eyebrows furrowed when I saw the kid who called after me. He looked somewhat familiar for some reason.  

 “Hey Zayn. It’s me, Youssef? I live next door to you.” He smiled widely. So that’s why he looked familiar. I remember seeing him and his older brother just before I left for America.

 “Yeah, hey man.” I smiled at him.

 “What are you doing here so early in the morning?” He asked curiously.

 “I should ask you the same. I thought young lads like you live the vampire life. Only awake at night time.” Okay, that was a lame joke, but I’m tired and well, I blame jetlag.

 He chuckled lightly, “Yeah, well, I haven’t slept yet so you can say I am kind of a vampire.”

 I chuckled at how the guy was humoring me with that lame joke. He must be either pathetic enough to think it was actually funny or he didn’t want to embarrass me which I would have gladly done being in his shoes.

 “By the way, love your tattoos man, they are sick.” He pointed at my arms that were showing off my sleeve tattoos, my pride and joy.

 “Thanks, man.” I smiled admiring my own tattoos as well.

 “Do you know any cool tattoos place here? You know I just moved here and I was thinking of getting one myself. I still haven’t decided-“ He rambled on as he picked up a similar bag to the mini bounties I had and put it in his basket.

 I zoned off his talk about his cool tattoo idea or his fear of pain. I didn’t care about what he was saying but my mind was too tired, hungry and sleepy to think of a decent way to tell him to just stop talking and go away. So I just ignored him and continued with my shopping.

 Reaching the paying line, I turned around, “Look, Erm-“ I struggled to remember his name but he was more than happy to tell it to me.

 “Youssef, but my friends call me Jo.”

 “Look, Youssef. It’s really cool that you want a tattoo like mine and all, but its 7AM in the morning, I’m very tired and I haven’t eaten since yesterday so I’m in a crap mood. If you would please just let me pay and leave that would be just great.” I didn’t mean to be mean to him but I was grumpy to say the least.

 “Oh, of course, I’m very sorry. It’s just that I’m a huge fan of you personally and I thought this was so cool, having a conversation with the coolest person in the world that I didn’t even think of the hour or your state. Sorry.” He was sincere in his apology but what really got to me were his eyes. They had that look in them.

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