|+18| Life changer {Z.M} by zayn_Queen
|+18| Life changer {Z.M}by Σ 'αγαπώ🌹🖤
مَاذا يَحدُث عِندٓما يٓدْخل شخصً لحياتِك فٓجأه و يُغيرها بِاكملِها..بٓلْ يُغيُرك أنتٓ اِيضاً؟ "احقاً تحبها انها بمثابه اب-" "هل تظن انني كنت لانجب في الحا...
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Babysitting One Direction by SunshineFace
Babysitting One Directionby Emma
All eighteen year old Anna Lee wanted was a summer babysitting job. That's exactly what she got when she received a call from someone named Simon requesting a babysitter...
  • liam
  • face
  • carrots
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Bruised (Harry styles) by littleximperfection
Bruised (Harry styles)by Cassandra
"I'm not scared of you." "Babe, you're terrified."
  • liam
  • zaynmalik
  • louistomlison
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Heal // z.m by mindofjohanna
Heal // z.mby 🌿
Where Rose's internship leads to bonding with a sick guy, loving and things she didn't expect or didn't want to expect... • All rights reserved. Do not steal.
  • zaynmalik
  • malik
  • sad
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He Wants me (Interracial Zayn) by Taylor_Kingsby
He Wants me (Interracial Zayn)by Tay
"I'll never understand why you want plastic girls that dont have anything to offer." I said not looking at him. "You really think I want them?" "...
  • zaynfanfic
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✔ yes sir [zarry] ✔ by AngelOfDeath1
✔ yes sir [zarry] ✔by Arooj x
Harry is the new secretary. Zayn Malik's secretary to be more specific. What happened to the previous one? Well, she quit. Harry soon found out why exactly. It angered h...
  • zayn
  • harry
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Luciana// Zayn Malik by SWISHERMALIK
Luciana// Zayn Malikby ||sam||
Luciana is a 17 year old latina with a big sassy mouth and a big ass that lives right next door to Zayn. Zayn is lusting over Luciana who he thinks it out to get him aw...
  • tomlinson
  • latina
  • niall
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Pride {l.s.} by raindropkiss1
Pride {l.s.}by Claire Marie
Louis Tomlinson has tried so hard to not be who he really is. He has worked for years to not be a person that people don't accept. The walls he built are slowly torn dow...
  • ziam
  • liam
  • wattpride
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My seductive teacher, Mr.Styles by KimRose101
My seductive teacher, Mr.Stylesby Kim
When a normal girl asks the new teacher to tutor her. Things start to get heaty between them. |h.s
  • hazza
  • romance
  • louistomlinson
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His Duchess  [Completed] by shaerzam
His Duchess [Completed]by Shaz
Highest rank on romance hot list: #31. She is called The Ice Queen, due to her stoic non-readable features and her standoffish attitude. Angelica Taverron builds walls a...
  • featured
  • lebanese
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My 5 Dominant Boyfriends by niallerscraziestmofo
My 5 Dominant Boyfriendsby niallerscraziestmofo
A boy dating 5 guys isn't a slut, he is a directioner Louis is a young submissive who catches the eyes of 5 wealthy mafia bosses called Niall, Liam, Edward, Zayn and Har...
  • fanfiction
  • tomlinson
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WILD // (Harry Styles) by alison-archer
WILD // (Harry Styles)by alison
❝You drive me fucking wild,❞ he says, pulling at his hair. He moves closer again--this time grabbing me by the waist. I let out a groan as he kisses my neck. ❝Shut the f...
  • wattys2017
  • harry
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Mated to Mr Styles by niallerscraziestmofo
Mated to Mr Stylesby niallerscraziestmofo
  • ceo
  • niallhoran
  • louis
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One Direction Pregnancy Series by NARRY9493
One Direction Pregnancy Seriesby NARRY9493
One Direction Pregnancy Series
  • liampayne
  • onedirectionpregnant
  • onedirectionpregnancyseries
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Predicaments of a Schoolgirl by BlankSpacesOfTime
Predicaments of a Schoolgirlby Anne
A future Duchess finds herself bent over her teacher's desk much too often after she breaks the boarding school's overly strict rules repeatedly. Her powerful mother sen...
  • roommate
  • school
  • boarding
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 |+18| his prison [Z.M] by zayn_Queen
|+18| his prison [Z.M]by Σ 'αγαπώ🌹🖤
"لا تلوميني علي شئ فانتِ من اخترتي بان تكوني عاهره" "كان هذا شئ يدعي التضحيه ، شئ لن يفهمه امثالك ابداً سيد مالك" ____ كان لديها آمال مثل جميع المرا...
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INSTAGRAM | H.S by littleworldoffandoms
@harrystyles liked your post. @harrystyles commented your post. Imagine the story you manage to tell with a few pictures and a caption.. 09/03/18 - 24/08/18 Please engag...
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My Little Stripper [l.s.] by xlivinglikelarryx
My Little Stripper [l.s.]by Larry?
Louis gets asked to work at the biggest strip company in London owned by Harry Styles, things get heated pretty quickly but will it all work out? Having a relationship w...
  • sexual
  • stripper
  • bottomlouis
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Pizza lad [Z.S] by katyzayn
Pizza lad [Z.S]by DÁDDŸ ŹÁŸÑ
A CEO ... and he's a fucking vergin ?
  • liampayne
  • louistomlinson
  • boyxboy
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Stepdaddy Styles ✔️ (H.S) by mrstylesbaby
Stepdaddy Styles ✔️ (H.S)by LaurenTaylor
EDITING. BOOK1: Sure, it's cliché as hell in the beginning. Just wait until the end. Started: 28th May 2018 Completed: 20th Septemper 2018
  • harrystyles
  • age
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