Chapter 21

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~Iman’s P.O.V~

                Dinner was long. We all sat around the table eating and talking. Well, Uncle Adam and Auntie Sana did all the talking while we all just smiled from time to time except for Youssef he didn’t understand anything and was just annoyed he was forced to be there.

                After a long conversation between Uncle Adam, Ayman and Auntie Sana. They finally convinced her to talk in English with us since it would be weird for Youssef and me. She was stubborn at first but I think Uncle Adam said something about getting Yasmin comfortable with the language so she wouldn’t be shy around her class mates.

                What I found weird was the fact that Yasmin didn’t utter a word for the whole time. She just smiled and ate. Even when Auntie Sana began to talk about her scholarship and he smart she was, she just blushed and looked down.

She was not nothing like her mother. Thank god for that. She was staying for a couple of months not just a week so I felt relieved when I noticed how different she was from her mother. Not that I hated my aunt. That would be wrong since she was family but it didn’t mean I wasn’t annoyed by her remarks which was really rude, to me anyways but she say nothing wrong with them.

                Usually, I made breakfast simple; tea, toast, jam and maybe some white cheese but this was the first breakfast with our guests and I had to be a good host so I went over the top with mash potatoes, halal sausage, cereal, boiled eggs, waffles and even beans.

                Auntie said she approved my cooking which was really the only thing she approved in our house which gave my pride a boost.

                “Good morning,” Ayman took his usual seat in front of me around the kitchen island, fully dressed in his work suit.

                “Good morning,” I smiled giving him his tea and toast with jam in it.

                “Am I the first one up?” he asked taking a bite of his toast.

                “Yeah, Youssef is about to come down for breakfast before going to his Meeting with the Sheikh and our guests are still asleep.” I took a seat after getting everything organized and ready for serving when they are up.

                “Okay good. I have no idea what they have planned for today so just go with the flow. I left you some money on your night stand and you can use your credit card if you need more.” He said with not much attention as he replied to a text on his phone.

                “Good morning.” Youssef, came down already dressed in his black jeans and red shirt with a snap back on his head. Ugh, I really hated those things.

                “Morning.” I mumbled giving him his cereal.

                “Morning. No hats inside the house.” Ayman said after taking a glimpse at what Youssef was wearing. Youssef rolled his eyes but did as told without a word.

                “Ayman, can I comeback a little late today?” Youssef asked hesitant after finishing his cereal.

                “Why?” Ayman asked not taking his eyes of the article he was reading.

                “I’m just going to hang out with some old friends. They are coming to London and I miss them.” He didn’t make eye contact and was talking fast meaning he was lying.

                “You can hang out before your curfew.” Ayman folded the newspaper and placed it neatly next to his empty cup.

                “Please, Ayman? I haven’t seen them in ages plus I have been good for so long. Can you just give me this? I promise I’ll never ask for anything else.” He was begging which I found odd. He hadn’t begged for anything in so long.

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