Chapter 19

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~Iman’s P.O.V~

                The news Uncle Adam gave us over the weekend was both good and well, I’m not going to say bad but it was just weird. Or at least that was my feeling towards it.

                The good part was the fact that we are having a couple of monkeys in the family. I was happy that they are both boys but I’m not going to lie, I did want a girl to dress up and spoil but let us not kid ourselves I was going to be the cool aunt that just spoil them with gifts and candy.

                The other not so good news was the fact that we were going to have a new house guest for a couple of months. One that we probably had never met nor had we even heard of her before.

                We did meet some family members on my parents’ funeral many years ago but not all of them. I do remember Uncle Adam introducing us to an Auntie Sana. She was tall, chubby, with greenish eyes which were swollen from the crying. She looked a little like my father did if he was a woman and had greenish eyes.

                I remember how she was one of the silent criers which I was more than grateful for. When she saw me, she didn’t say a word just hugged me and cried rubbing my back and whispered something in Arabic that I didn’t understand at the time as I didn’t learn Arabic till recently.

                Not saying that I liked her but among the group of people who flew all the way to the UK and stayed with us for a couple of days she was definitely my favorite but still I knew her presence would only remind me of my parents and those days I wished to erase from my memories.

                But I had to be polite and well-mannered when she and her daughter come.  I had to be a good host and prepare the guest room for them. I went to the extent of buying new mattresses and towels for them on my way back from work.

                “Do you need anything else?” The salesman asked when I went to pay.

                “No, thank you.” I smiled and paid then took my five bags and went outside.

                The shop was just two blocks away so I didn’t have to bring my car for this trip. The best thing about our neighborhood was the fact that everything was a walk away from our house. I rarely even use the car anymore but I wished I had it with me now ‘cause the bags were a little too heavy for my not so muscular arms.

                “Hello.” I male voice startled me while I was walking in the street making me jump in my place, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.”

                “It’s okay.” I gave Zayn a polite smile, looking away as I felt that this situation was just too awkward.

                “I know you probably feeling bad about me standing next to you like this but I was just walking and I saw you holding all of these bags so I thought maybe you needed a hand.” His tone was polite and sweet.

                “Um, it’s okay. Thank you, I can handle it.” I refused with a smile. A nice one to reply his kindness.

                “I can see that you are struggling. C’mon, I’m just going to hold them for you and if you feel too uncomfortable I can walk a few steps ahead of you or behind you which ever you like.” He smiled and raised both eyebrows in anticipation of my answer.

                “It’s really okay. I got it.” I refused again trying to be nice about it since he was nice.

                “Seriously,” He rolled his eyes taking the bags from my hand. Making me blink a few times in surprise as I watched him walk in front of me.

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