Chapter 35

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~Iman’s P.O.V~

  Driving back home, I tried to be as polite as possible to not utter a word to my auntie, even though I was very much confused and a little upset about the fact that she invited both Holly and Mazen to our family dinner.

  I love them both as co-workers, but I’m not really friends with either of them. Its mere work relation and I intended on keeping it like that.

  The day went by incredibly slow and it was finally time for Yasmin to come home. Auntie Sana wanted to go pick her up but Uncle Adam said to let her come alone so she would get used to the route.

  “Its 3:05 PM now, why isn’t she back? Did something happen to her? I bet she got lost. Iman, let’s go look for her.” Aunt Sana stood up suddenly grapping her purse as she started to panic for no apparent reason.

  “Sit down Sana. She finishes at 3PM sharp. Give her time. Stop babying the girl. She’s more than cable of finding her way home. It’s just one long street.” Uncle Adam said calming Auntie Sana a bit.

  She did sit down but she was nervously looking at the clock and her phone every second. What will she do when she gets back to Egypt leaving Yasmin here? She won’t be here to worry about her like that.

  Observing Auntie’s action, I couldn’t help but think if my own mother was ever like that?

  She was the worried type, just like Auntie Sana.

  I blurry remember how she used to always drop us off and pick us up from everywhere we went to. How she would call Ayman every other hour if he went onto a school trip to make sure he was safe.

  How she gave Ayman strict instruction to not let Youssef and me wait on the street alone on the day she and dad had to attend that meeting in London alone.

  She dreaded going to London that day. She didn’t want to leave us alone. I guess she knew it all along, she knew something was about to happen to her and that’s why she didn’t want to go.

  I wish she didn’t go.

  “Iman? Are you alright?” Youssef asked me giving me a weird look.

  “Yeah, I’m alright.” I forced a smile.

  “Are you sure?” He asked worriedly. His eyes widening a little in concern showing off their beautiful hazel color. He looked so much like my dad.

  “Yeah.” I genuinely smiled wrapping my arm around his shoulder in a side-hug and he responded by wrapping one arm around my waist getting me closer into his embrace.

  Hearing the doorbell ring broke our moment and Youssef untangled himself from my embrace to go answer it. I didn’t want him to let go now, I still needed him next to me for a little longer but that didn’t matter. I had to mask it all away. Push it back and pretend everything was fine.

  “Hey.” Yasmin beamed when she entered the living room and Auntie Sana jumped up and hugged her in a bear hug. All her worry turning to relief.

  “Oh, thank god you are okay. Did you get lost? How was your day?” Auntie Sana asked worriedly.

  “I didn’t get lost, mom.” Yasmin rolled her eyes taking a seat on the couch next to me.

  “How was your day, Jessy?” Uncle Adam asked.

  “It was amazing. I love the system here in the UK and the people here are just so wonderful and accepting. And handsome.” She said that last part winking at me, making me giggle at her.

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