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Chapter 51

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~Iman's P.O.V~

  Having the ring in my finger was quite an unusual feeling. This small circle with a tiny diamond in the middle and the little visible engraving in the inside was the biggest commitment sample there is, and it tied me with one incredible man.

  Yesterday was just a surreal experience, all of it. I still can't wrap my head around it quite yet. Am I really engaged to Mazen now?

  What does that even mean? Do I have to act a certain way around him from now on?

  I always had to watch how I acted around Mazen for some reason. At first I thought I had my first ever crush on a man with him. Then suddenly he became closer almost like a friend and I had to remind myself he was still my boss. Now we were engaged and I was finally allowed to show whatever crush on him I had before but suddenly I don't feel like it's an urge inside of me.

  Showing emotions was never something I was comfortable with, especially emotions that I was taught were off limits for a good Muslim girl. But suddenly I was supposed to show them for Mazen.

  "Morning, Iman." Yasmin smiled widely at me. I was so deep in thought, I hadn't realized she came down for breakfast. 

  "Morning, Jessy." I unwrapped her plate and she went to boil some water for herself and Ayman as she insisted on making him his tea from now on.

  "I see you are still looking at that ring like it would disappear," Yasmin chuckled taking a bite of her beagle.

  "I still can't wrap my head around what happened yesterday, to be frank." I smiled politely.

  "You are going to be Mrs. Mazen Maher that's what happened." Yasmin beamed out of happiness. She seems more excited than me.

  "I never even realized Mazen liked me that way." I confessed remembering all my earlier encounters with Mazen.

  "You are a smart woman Iman but sometimes I think you are so naïve. It was so obvious that that man is whipped for you." She rolled her eyes in a silly way emphasizing her point. Perhaps she was right about one thing, I was indeed naïve when it came to these things.

  Taking a sip of my now cold tea, I looked down at my ring with a sigh. I'm really engaged.

  "Look how beautiful that thing is," Yasmin gave my ring a dreamy look holding my hand in hers, admiring the ring on my finger, "You are so lucky you are engaged. I'm dying to get engaged." She sighed dramatically.

  Smiling at her, I just looked at my ring. Yeah, I'm lucky.

  "Morning ladies." Ayman came down wearing his work suit.

  "Morning," Yasmin and I replied as Yasmin hustled to pour the hot water in Ayman's cup and unwrap his already prepared breakfast. I watched her in amusement. She was just too cute always trying too hard to fit in even though I assured her she didn't have to do anything but she always insisted.

  "Thank you, Yasmin" Ayman smiled taking his tea from her giving his new genuine smile. Ever since Yasmin moved in with us, Ayman had been smiling a genuine smile not just his polite smile. It was quite refreshing.

  "You are dressed extra good today, any certain reason?" Yasmin took a seat opposite Ayman who was reading the morning paper.

  "The CEO called me yesterday for a meeting. He didn't tell me why but it seems like something important." Ayman answered with a straight face like he usually does but his voice tune showed he was worried for some reason.

  "I hope it will go well." I tried to reassure him with a smile.

  "In Sha' Allah." He smiled politely.

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