Chapter 13

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~Iman’s P.O.V~

            Disappointment was an underestimation to my feelings right now.

            I couldn’t believe the situation that I was put in with that Zayn guy just a few minutes ago because of Youssef. Out of all people Youssef knew, it had to be Zayn. The same guy that led him to that tattoo shop not too long ago.

            I had to admit that the guy was decent enough to actually come tell me that Youssef was with him when he understood the situation and he did keep Youssef safe all night. I expected him not to care, to just let me be worried, knowing fully well that I would be going crazy over Youssef’s disappearance last night. And to be fair, I wouldn’t blame him after how rude I was to him but he was a better person than I expected him to be.

            “Are you going to tell Ayman?” Youssef asked in a low voice, interrupting my thoughts.

            “Yes. He’s out searching for you with Uncle Adam. We were all worried sick about you.” I said, disappointment noticeable in my tune.

            “I’m sorry.” He said lowering his gaze too embarrassed to look me in the eye.

            Getting my phone from the table in the living room, I dialed Uncle Adam’s number knowing that Ayman must be with him then waited for him to pick up.

            “Any news, Iman?” Uncle Adam asked before even saying ‘hello’ that made me know how worried he was. They must had run out of places to search in.

            “Youssef is safe. He’s here.” I heard him let out a huge breath as if a weight had been lifted off his shoulder.

            “Alhamdulillah. Where was he? Did he tell you?” Uncle Adam asked in a more relieved voice.

            “At our neighbor’s house.” I gave him the short answer.

“Okay. Ayman and I are on our way.” He said hanging up.

“They are coming.” I told Youssef who sighed in defeated and nodded.

“Youssef, why did you run away like that?” I asked breaking the tension and silence in the room, also trying to get answers for my racing mind.

“I just couldn’t do it anymore, Iman. I felt like I was suffocated.” He sighed in guilt

“I was suffocating you?” I asked in disbelieve.

“Not you….well, you were helping him but it wasn’t you mainly.” He tried to explain.

“Ayman is only trying to help you. You have to understand that, what you did was haram. You are in a dangerous age Youssef and we want you to come out of it a good man who fears Allah.” I explained looking into his eyes.

“I know but he’s not my dad, Iman.” He argued getting impatient.

“And he’s not trying to be dad. He’s just trying to look out for you.” I reasoned.

“He treats me like I’m a little child who doesn’t understand anything.” He whined.

 “His ways are a little old fashioned but that’s how we were raised, Youssef. That’s all we know.” I tried another way with him.

“I bet dad was cooler than Ayman. At least he would understand me, like Zayn does.” He gushed annoyed.

“Zayn understands you better because you are of close age. Ayman is almost 28.” I tried to make Ayman’s image in Youssef’s head a little better.

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