Chapter 11

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~Iman’s P.O.V~

            It was 8 in the morning and I was making Breakfast for Ayman. He didn’t have work today so he took his time getting out of bed.

            But I wasn’t thinking about Ayman too much. Ayman had a routine that he followed and that I had to follow as well so there wasn’t anything to think about.

            My mind drifted to Youssef and what happened between us yesterday. After Ayman yelled at him, Youssef went back to his room and of course I wasn’t going to ruin what Ayman was doing with Youssef by babying him and taking him under my wing that fast but I did go up to his room just to check on him while he was sleeping but I noticed something strange.

            Youssef was one of those people who can never lay still in their sleep. He always turned around and whenever I used to go to check on him, I would find him in a different position but yesterday he was so still. Too still.

            He didn’t turn in his sleep. Not even once. I was too afraid to go inside the room rather than just peek my head through the door like I always did so he wouldn’t wake up. He was a light sleeper.

            “Good morning, Iman.” Ayman snapped me out of my thoughts.

            “Good morning, Ayman.” I smiled and gave him his morning tea.

            “Thank you.” He smiled and I went over to the other counter to get him the plate I already prepared from him.

            “How did you sleep?” I asked him, knowing that Ayman always had trouble sleeping after a fight with Youssef.

            “Alright, I guess.” He sighed and I knew he was lying. He didn’t sleep at all. 

            “When am I supposed to take him to meet Sheikh Ibrahim today?” I asked taking a sip of my tea.

            “Around 10AM.” Ayman said without much attention. His mid was probably preoccupied with how he was going to deal with Youssef’s new attitude.

            “Okay.” We sat in silence for the rest of our breakfast.

I waited till Ayman finished his food, cleaned the dishes he used then decided to go wake Youssef up since it was 8:30AM already.

“Youssef?” I whispered walking to him but I got no answer from him.

“Youssef, wake up. You can’t just sleep all day.” I said in a normal tune now while I opened his curtains then I turned to take the covers from over his body but I noticed he covered even his face which was weird considering he never did that before.

“Youssef?” I wasn’t certain why he was covering his whole body with the blanket.

Was he crying maybe? But even when he did cry he just pushed his head on the pillow.

Setting next to him on the bed, I noticed how soft his body was. It was like he didn’t have any bones or meat in him. Furrowing my eyebrows, I decided to shake him to wake up.

“Youssef?” The second I touched him, that’s when I realized what was going on.

Youssef wasn’t here!


            Worry wasn’t even close to what I was feeling. We have been looking everywhere for Youssef.

            After I noticed he was gone, I tried to call him but I remembered that I took his phone away a few days ago so I panicked. I didn’t know what to do. Youssef had never tried to do anything like this before.

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