Chapter 53

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~Youssef’s P.O.V~

  “I can’t believe Iman and Mazen are like together now. I so knew they had a thing for each other.” Holly continued to ramble about the news I brought her while nibbling on her waffle.

  “What do you mean?” I asked curious to know how Iman showed her liking towards Mazen before. I can never imagine her being the cute kind. She is so… Iman.

  “I don’t know. Just like the way they look at each other and the way Mazen’s eyes would literally sparkle when Iman is around. He tries to hide it and he does a good job but I’m good at what I do.” Holly smirked at her knowledge of the ‘flirt’ stuff or whatever she calls them.

  “It’s just weird that Iman is engaged. Like out of love and stuff. Always thought she would have an arranged marriage like our parents had.” I blabbered out not really giving a thought into my words ‘cause it’s just Holly. I can literally tell her anything and she won’t misunderstand it.

  “Oh. But your Uncle seem to have a love marriage?” Holly asked confused.

  “He does. Auntie Leah met him in college, they fell in love and they got married.” I shrugged.

  “It’s good that your family believe in love marriage.”

  “Of course we do. It’s just Iman is… I don’t know how to say this but she thinks love is just the fool’s game and it has no purpose.” I frowned.

  “Oh believe me she just acts like that but even the toughest of girls want to be cuddled by the man they love.” She sneakily snuck under my arm having me hold her.

  “Just like that?” I smirked adjusting my arm around her neck as she intertwined our fingers.

  “Just like that.” She gave me a peck on the lip then took out her phone and snapped a picture for her tumblr page.

  It was a habit of hers now to just take pictures of the both of us in the most random situations. It gave her peace of mind so I let her do whatever she wanted.

  “So, I was thinking. It’s only 9AM and your shift doesn’t start till midday so we could like do something.” I said when Holly dosed off into her own world again like she always does.

  “Yeah,” She seemed to be regaining her attention back to me slowly then she finally looked up to me leaning her head on my arm, “What do you want to do?”

  “I have a cool place in mind. Are you up for a little fun?” I quirked an eyebrow at her making her lift her head off my hand, eyes wide in anticipation.


  “It’s a surprise. Come on.” I untangled my arm from her then took her hand in mine leading the way to the bus station.

  I knew this really cool place with race cars, a room where you can jump off the walls and ceilings and many arcade games. It’s going to cheer her up for sure.


~Jasmin P.O.V~

  The weekend was crazy to say the least, even these last couple of days were hectic, with Iman getting engaged and what not.

  Iman had been really cute throughout this whole thing. I knew she wasn’t really expecting anything even close to that. She had a liking towards Mazen that’s what mama always told me when she was here but knowing Iman, I knew she never even thought of being in a serious relationship.

  Mazen is good to her though, the look in his eyes when she is around makes me wish I had someone who look at me like that. Not just anyone.

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