Chapter 40

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~Iman’s P.O.V~

  It’s been a day since Auntie left us and her absence has taken its toll on us all, but it was worst with Yasmin. She was really quiet which wasn’t like her and she even skipped dinner yesterday. She made me and Ayman really worried.

  We feared she would get depressed but we didn’t know what we could do to help get her out of that state.

  “Good morning.” Yasmin murmured quietly when she entered the kitchen. She was fully dressed in her casual uni clothes but unlike her daily look, she was missing the light layer of make-up she usually applied. Only a thin line of eyeliner over her eyes, nothing else.

  “Morning, Yasmin.” I smiled at her trying my best not to show sympathy as I hated when people did that to me.

  I gave her a cup of tea with the usual breakfast, she gave me a tired smile as response and began to silently drink her tea.

  “I was thinking we could maybe go out to do some Ramadan’s Shopping since it’s really close, what do you think?” I tried to make light conversation with her.

  “Sure.” She shrugged taking another sip of tea.

  “Do you have any special tradition or perhaps a special food you guys make during Ramadan in Egypt?” I asked keeping the conversation going.

  “Not really. Samosas?” She replied not really pay much attention to the subject.

  “We have Samosas everyday as well. I guess Uncle Adam kept the tradition alive here in the UK.” Still no real response from her making me sigh as I gave up. It was really sad seeing her like that.

  A few minutes passed in complete silence then Ayman came down to join us, “Good morning.”

  “Morning.” We both mumbled in reply as I gave him his breakfast then pouring the hot water in his cup while Yasmin just sat in her chair drinking her tea. It was really weird not having her rush to give Ayman his tea.

  “How are you Yasmin?” Ayman asked after thanking me and taking his cup of tea.

  “I’m fine.” She gave him a tight lipped smile trying to look convincing, which was more than she did with me.

  He nodded then gave me a look saying I needed to do something to get her out of this state but honestly I had no idea what I should do.

  When Yasmin finished her tea, she stood up taking her empty cup and her untouched plate as she was about to put them in the kitchen but Ayman’s voice stopped her.

  “Where are you going?” He asked putting down his newspaper.

  “To uni.” She furrowed her eyebrows in confusion properly wondering why Ayman stopped her.

  “But you haven’t eaten anything.” He raised one eyebrow at her.

  “I drank some tea.” She shrugged.

  “It’s not enough, you need to eat.”  His voice was a little stern but still nice.

  “I’m not hungry.”    

  “You hadn’t eaten anything since yesterday’s breakfast. I don’t like you skipping meals.” He scolded her lightly.

  She blushed a little looking at her food, “I’m just not hungry.” She whispered.

  Hearing Ayman sigh, I knew he was losing his patience as he didn’t like having to deal with a stubborn person, “I know you miss Auntie Sana, we all do but you can’t keep doing this to yourself. She left you here knowing we will take care of you, but we can’t do that when you don’t even bather taking care of yourself.”

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