My Ex-Husband, My Professor by onceuponamuslim
My Ex-Husband, My Professorby onceuponamuslim
"Hello Class. I'm going to be your Electrical Engineering professor for the course." No. It couldn't be. "My name is Nasser , Doctor Nasser." ...
  • arranged
  • spiritual
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Forbidden Desire. by NamjoonBieber
Forbidden wanderlust.
Sahara Akbar is a happy-go-lucky, naïve 19 year old Muslim girl, raised with high morals and ethics. She tries her best every single day to practice her religion as well...
  • muslim
  • marriage
  • betrayal
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Different Worlds by writer198
Different Worldsby Anonymous
#23 in Spiritual 4/8/17 #36 in Spiritual 31/7/17 #74 in Spiritual 3/6/17 An average girl from a middle class family marries the son of a business tycoon...things are bou...
  • halal
  • islamiclovestory
  • muslim
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He's mine. by xwrittes
He's ~ xwrittes ~
~It may have been a business deal but, he is still hers right?~ Jannah Zaid Zayn Wahed Two individuals who are on the same page. Doing everything in their power to make...
  • struggle
  • marriage
  • loyalty
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Qulsum by Royal7
Qulsumby Royal7
Qulsum Abi is going through a lot. Her step mother only favors Qulsum's step sisters and brother Worst part is they become great actors in front of her father. Married o...
  • love
  • islamic
  • muslima
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I think I killed my Husband.... (Completed) (16+) by akabahajaar49
I think I killed my Husband.... ( Akaba Hajaar
My name is Hanan Sheridan -Wolf, A 21year old woman without a college degree forced to marry a Man worse than A Monster and this is My Story..... Author's Note. >t...
  • muslim
  • violence
  • pregnancy
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The Beauty And The Beast (COMPLETED) by your_perfection010
The Beauty And The Beast ( Faith
{BOOK 2} She was my beauty and I was her beast. I stood front of her as she stared at me with those big brown chocolate eyes filled with innocence that all I wanted to d...
  • romance
  • teenager
  • highschool
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The CEO's Hijabi by 3aisha995
The CEO's Hijabiby Aisha 🌷
These characters are not perfect please don't judge and it's only a story. Cameron as Toni ( A German model ) Maryam as Habbiba Da Salvia ( Hijabi model) ...
  • ceo
  • arranged
  • convert
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Born to be yours (Book I) by lllloveee
Born to be yours (Book I)by Mukarrama
He removes my veil from my face. My heart was beating rapidly as it will came out from ribcage at any time. "Salam" he said. I look up and gasp. My eyes were...
  • fate
  • spiritual
  • wattys2018
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Got Married To A Kid (True Story) by thatlovelesslady
Got Married To A Kid (True Story)by thatlovelesslady
A true story about a man who was forced into a marriage with a kid. You might not want to miss this very beautiful story!
  • forcedmarriage
  • highschool
  • completed
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Forced Love✔ by HafsatWrites
Forced Love✔by Hafsat Idris
©Copyright 2018 Yusrah's life had always been perfect until the day her parents decided to get her married to Masoud. Some years back, her parents had an agreement with...
  • hausa
  • nigerian
  • arewa
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Tangled Hearts by dreamerkr96
Tangled Heartsby dreamerkr96
Zara Ahmed is your ordinary girl, or so she thinks. She wants nothing more than to make her parents proud and to just be happy, for once. She is focusing on her first ye...
  • zaid
  • office
  • muslim
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The Billoniare's Model  by vieledprincess
The Billoniare's Model by fatieema ☁︎
"You.Belong.To.Me"he said as he pressed me against the wall. My petite frame against his big ones, he pushed back a strand of my hair so that my eyes could be...
  • aabdar
  • life
  • wattys2017
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As Long As I Live by CrazyPunter
As Long As I Liveby CrazyPunter
Marriage. A bond made by ties of love, respect, trust and companionship. But not all marriages are blessed. Mayra has suffered at the hands of her husband until she reac...
  • hurt
  • romance
  • abuse
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Islamically Ever After by veiledservant
Islamically Ever Afterby veiledservant
We all want our own 'happily ever after' and I was no different. I aspired to be like Khadija (ra), the wife of prophet Muhammad (saw) strong, faithful and caring for he...
  • happilyeverafter
  • nikkah
  • jannah
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Definitely Not Interested by Hijabi-Princess
Definitely Not Interestedby Anonymous Writer
Being a high school Muslim hijabi was already a lot to deal with but add a crazy life and it gets all too messy. Trust me Malak is a badass girl that doesn't take shit f...
  • bad
  • love
  • teen
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Piece of my heart by sunina_s
Piece of my heartby sunina_s
{ Highest Ranking 👉🏻 #3 in Spiritual 😭❤️💖 } I felt hurt seeing him in pain, pain, which wasn't so obvious to him. // .... Emotions overwhelming my unfaithful heart...
  • islam
  • muslimah
  • pain
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 With You Is Without An End (16+)  (COMPLETED)  by akabahajaar49
With You Is Without An End (16+) Akaba Hajaar
What happens when a 22year old Leilah Haseeb , A law graduate from one of the best law schools in the world gets forced into Marriage by her family barely 24hours after...
  • billionaire
  • wedding
  • pain
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BOND by Kalthumm
BONDby Kalthumm
It explores the life of Amna Abdallah a 25year old journalist who went through a lot of crucial and critical situations in her life.A flawless lady who sees commitment a...
  • spiritual
  • hausa
  • muslim
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Converting the Bad Boy by Aishabella13
Converting the Bad Boyby Aishabella Sheikh
Highest Rank: #1 in Spiritual 16/08/16, 23/08/16 & 05/09/16 Mariam is a devoted Muslim. She goes about her high school life in the remembrance of Allah (S.W.T) and neve...
  • humour
  • thenise
  • teen
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